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Grancino Certificates - Translated to English

Expert for the Court of Appeals and French Customhouses
Successor to Marcel Vatelot
II bis, Rue Portalis – PARIS

Certificate Of Authenticity:

I, Etienne Vatelot, expert luthier in Paris, N. Portalis Street IIa, certify that the cello submitted today for my review by Mr. CORAY and bearing label Grancino Giovanni in Milan 1716 is a genuine instrument of this master.

Description Instrument:
Back is made of maple in two parts, with very little flaming. It has been extended, and re-edged and doubled.
The top is fir (spruce) in two parts with irregular pores and marked ‘Chanteaux’. It is re-edged, re-sized.
Sides are of maple with almost no flames.
Scroll is flamed maple, very fine, soft flame that is good quality and very characteristic of this maker.
Varnish color yellowish golden brown.
Length 743 millimeters.

This instrument has had the restorations cited above.

Paris, January 13, 1981

Fritz Baumgartner Jr
Federally. Graduate GEIGENBAUMEISTER

Old and new master instruments
New expert repairs

Mr. Elie Hague Strasbourg-France

Orienting - certificate
(according to expert-chamber position I Reg. V? S, G, M)

Subject: cello with label: "Giouanni Grancino Milan 1716"

Based on critical inquiry into the material science and style together shows in all ways that this work is of the master above. The enlargement repairs to top and back are excellent French work from the early 19th Century, and in respect to tonality, only of an advantage. Except for some retouching, the instrument still bears much of the Masters original varnish.

New & Old Instruments - String Harmonics Sale Repairs
C. Moinel. Cherpital
Daniel Moinel Luthier - Expert For the Commercial Court of the Seine
Graduate exhibitions in The Hague in 1949 and Mittenwald 1950
45 Due to Rome Paris-VIII
such 522-12-09 R.C. Seine 59 A 10.42 (?)
C.C.F. Paris 639-95

Certificate Of Authenticity
I certify that the Italian cello presented today for my exam and owned by Mr. Vitaut Maiwood is authentic Giovani Grancino in Milan, which bears the label vintage 1716. Initially, it was a small instrument that was expanded around about 1800, most likely by Aldric, wonderful, first class work, worthy of the great master luthiers of this time.
TOP: Fir two pieces, medium grain and very regular.
BACK: two pieces of maple, small flaming slightly apparent.
SIDES: even wood.
SCROLL: Maple small waves, very typical of this maker.
POLISH: orange brown varnish of very good quality.

This cello, despite its restoration is sounds great and is representative of the first class Italian school, which at that time had many masters.