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Our New Shop!

Our new showroom is amazing! 

Our lobby doubles as a violin showroom, and the vaulted ceiling allows for trying instruments in a setting you may experience for performance. 


We have a nice space for setting up instruments right next to the lobby.


Linda and Randy's rehair/restoration workspace for bows.


UPDATE - Mar 18, 2023 -Whew! We are finally ready for you all again! Linda's shop is just about completely setup to service our local community, and our appointment calendar will open up completely on Tuesday March 21st. If your instrument or bow are in need of attention, stand by to make an appointment!

UPDATE - Mar 4, 2023 -Things are moving right along. There is still a lot to be done in the workshop for Linda, Randy and the gang to feel comfortable bringing in rehairs or repairs, but we are ready for renters and shoppers!Our moving sale will continue untll the workshop reopens. At this rate, maybe a week or more. So if you are looking at cellos on sale, don't wait! You can schedule an appointment here.

Our new address: 70 S. Kellogg Ave. #1 in Goleta Old Town. That's our door under the small, blue awning. Plenty of off-street parking and really easy to find right off the freeway.

UPDATE - Feb 28, 2023 -We are moved, but still in a state of minor chaos. Our shop space needs serious attention to get all our of tools and supplies unpacked and put into appropriate places that have yet to be determined. We need to focus on getting the shop setup before we can begin focusing on in-person customers, unfortunately. Thanks for everyone's patience. It's going to be really great and amazing when you call can see our new space.


UPDATE - Feb 16, 2023 -We have started packing and moving. We have moved most of the instruments already, and are packing like crazy in anticipation of the movers arriving Monday, Feb 20 to take all our big, heavy stuff like work tables, shelving units, and many boxes. Next week, we will be in the new space, setting all our workspaces up. We should have internet tomorrow. Over the weekend, we are going to transition from doing any business out of our 123 W. Padre location, to all of our business out of our new location. As soon as we are out there with internet, and things aren't too big of a mess, we will open the calendar back up. Stay tuned! 

UPDATE - Feb 10, 2023 - We have signed a new lease agreement! Our new space is located at 70 S. Kellogg Ave. #1 in Goleta. We are scheduled to start our move-in on Weds Feb. 15th. We plan to complete our move by March 1. From Feb. 10th on, we will NOT be taking any appointments of any kind so that we can focus on moving. Our shop and all our tools and equipment to do rehairs and rehairs will be packed and moved first, therefore, we won't have access to the things we may need to help you. If you really, really need help, please contact us using our Get in Touch form

On Monday, January 9th, a huge storm moved into drought-stricken California, and it rained cats and dogs. Due to some issues with the building, water seeped into our shop along its longest wall, slowing working its way forward, saturating all of our carpet and flooring. All the rooms except for our bow rehair/repair room, and our upstairs office and storage room were affected.

Amazingly, not a single cello, case or other product was damaged. Thank God! Anne and Linda, and our 2 apprentices spent the next 3 days ripping out carpet. So much fun! But due to the water infiltrating the building we are concerned with the future here, and are seeking a better location. 

We are hoping to be completely moved within the next 2 months, so to focus on that, and not put anyone's instruments at risk, we won't do doing any repairs or rehairs for the immediate future. We can still accommodate in-store and online shoppers, and can fulfill orders, work with customers, even prepare and ship cellos and cases. 

So, please bear with us. If you are local to Santa Barbara, and would like to offer your truck, Sprinter van, etc. for our move please contact us. We will appreciate all the help we can get.