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Moving Plans

On Monday, January 9th, a huge storm moved into drought-stricken California, and it rained cats and dogs. Due to some issues with the building, water seeped into our shop along its longest wall, slowing working its way forward, saturating all of our carpet and flooring. All the rooms except for our bow rehair/repair room, and our upstairs office and storage room were affected.

Amazingly, not a single cello, case or other product was damaged. Thank God! Anne and Linda, and our 2 apprentices spent the next 3 days ripping out carpet. So much fun! But due to the water infiltrating the building we are concerned with the future here, and are seeking a better location. 

We are hoping to be completely moved within the next 2 months, so to focus on that, and not put anyone's instruments at risk, we won't do doing any repairs or rehairs for the immediate future. We can still accommodate in-store and online shoppers, and can fulfill orders, work with customers, even prepare and ship cellos and cases. 

So, please bear with us. If you are local to Santa Barbara, and would like to offer your truck, Sprinter van, etc. for our move please contact us. We will appreciate all the help we can get.