Chaconne model MLS500 3/4 Cello

Complete outfit - includes standard hard case and bow!


Body Length: 27"
Width of upper bout: 13"
C-bout width: 9 1/4"
Lower bout width: 16 1/2"
String length: 25 1/4"

3/4 size, Crafted in 2019, Used
Very easy to play. Open, resonant voice with great sustain. Clear and focused with good projection. Highly flamed tonewoods. Great value!

Outfit includes your choice of bow and a hard case.

All cellos are setup or adjusted by Linda and played before shipped, guaranteed.

Serial Number: 448439



  • Larsen String Set
  • Wittner Geared Pegs
  • French hybrid
  • Wittner Tailpiece
  • 10mm Carbon Fiber Endpin

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