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Andrea Rosin

High quality rosin for cello produced by Cremona in America and developed by Peter Bahng, famed violinist and son of virtuoso violinist Andrea Bahng. Available in three varieties: solo, orchestra, and a piacere:

  • Solo rosin allows for powerful sound projection without the "sound cracks" on the strings when bow pressure is high. (Solo is sold out)
  • Orchestra rosin produces a warmer, blended sound. (Orchestra is sold out)
  • A piacereprovides the best bow control and contact with the strings, and has been described as producing a "silky" sound.
In some cases soloists may prefer an orchestral rosin because of the color, and vice-versa, and how well a rosin works for one is often a matter of personal taste. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

We are only carrying the whole cakes of all 3 varieties, which when sold out will be gone. They are replacing 'Andrea' with 'Cecilia'

All varieties come as a glassy black cake of rosin in a compact plastic case, which makes saving space in cello case pouches even easier! All varieties may also be used on double bass bows.

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