Bolander Cello Bow - on Consignment

Weight: 83g, Balance: 9 3/4"

Weight: 83g, Balance: 9 3/4"

Strong, octagonal stick hand crafted by American bow-maker John Alfred Bolander II (1892-1990), known as the first American-born bow maker. He began his career repairing string instruments under the direction of his father when the family moved to San Francisco in 1915. He worked for H.C. Hanson, the Roehr Drum Shop, and P. Johnson before studying bow making with Alfred Lanini from 1943-1946. Though he established his own shop in 1946, he continued working closely with Lanini for a number of years.

By 1964, Bolander had made over 1000 bows and is credited with crafting over 3000 over the span of his career. His work is distinctive and easily recognizable by a number of characteristics. All his frogs are plain faced with no embellishments, with squared frogs for the viola bows, entirely hand made fittings and a personal hatchet-head design for the heads. Most of his bows featured locally sourced mountain mahogany for his frogs.

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