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Schertler Basik-set Acoustik Instrument Pickup

For all acoustic instruments, including cello. The pick-up attaches to body near bridge using removable/reusable putty is used without modification or damage. Preamp not required. For many years Schertler has been a leader in the professional-quality amplification of orchestral instruments. Made in Switzerland.


Electrostatic contact sensor for all acoustic instrument. We consider BASIK as our universal contact pick-up. It is possible to apply it to a variety of different instruments with satisfying results. Simply apply the special kit supplied, and BASIK will convey the body vibrations with high precision producing a natural acoustic sound. Its user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness make BASIK the ideal acoustic pick-up for beginners, students or semi-professional musicians.

With the BASIK-SET, the contact microphone can be plugged into any amplifier through the phantom power adapter box supplied with a 1.5V AA battery.

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