Bernd Dimbath C Class 'Stradivari' Master Grade 4/4 Cello (a)

Comes with lightweight carbon case.

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  • Body Length - 30"
  • Upper Bout Width - 14"
  • C-Bout Width - 9 3/4"
  • Lower Bout Width - 17 1/2"
  • String Length - 27 1/4"

Full-size (4/4), Crafted in 2014, New

Resonant and warm, this Dimbath has a clear, focused sound that is not overpowering. Friendly and mellow, this would blend nicely in ensemble work. A lovely earthy lower register, this cello will bring depth to any chamber piece. Highly resonant C string, with beautiful overtones. Recommended for the advanced, professional player looking for a rich cello. This instrument has a very unique voice.

Bernd Dimbath’s Bubenreuth workshop is responsible for truly one-of-a-kind works of art. Every Dimbath cello has its own character, personality, and style. No two instruments are completely alike and are never direct copies, though they are based on the patterns of old masters.

All tonewood used comes from European sources – the spruce is carefully selected from the Austrian Alps, the maple comes form Bosnia and the Carpathian mountains – and is naturally aged for at least 10 years. After it has been properly aged, the wood is again selected using extremely sensible electronic measuring sensors to guarantee the use of only absolutely superior tone woods.

Once the wood enters the shop, every instrument is carefully graduated by hand and without the use of power tools to achieve the best tonal results. As a final enhancement of the craftsmanship, an all-natural varnish is applied by hand.

For the past decade, Bernd Dimbath has worked closely with two Dutch scientists in the field of scientific acoustical research. Together, they have developed a system that measures and controls every step in the instrument-making process. This combination of 21st century acoustical research and three centuries of violin-making tradition has proven to be wildly successful in creating fine instruments with a mature sound normally reserved for antique European instruments costing many times more.

Bernd is a 5th generation master instrument maker. He is a Graduate of Handwerkskammer, Berlin (1987) and attended Mitterwald Violin Making School (1983-1987).

Comes with a lightweight hard case.

All cellos are setup or adjusted by Linda and played before shipped, guaranteed.

Serial number:#3327

  • Larsen A medium
  • Permanent D
  • Belcanto Regular G & C strings
  • Ebony pegs with lighter collars and buttons
  • Belgium-style bridge
  • Ebony French style Bois d'Harmonie tailpiece fine tuners

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