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Egidius Dorfler Model 26 Pernambuco Bow - CELLO

Weight: 81.3g, Balance: 9 3/4"

Weight 81.3g, Balance 9 3/4"

Best suited for a bright cello, this bow adds a lot of color whilst still allowing for good projection in larger performance spaces. Under pressure it maintains solid contact with the string allowing the player to trust it in difficult passages. When required to bounce this bow does so without fuss. Delicate and lyrical excerpts are a breeze with the bow allowing the cello to sing clearly.

Stamp: *Egidius Dörfler***                                                                 

Round stick, silver tinsel winding, silver mounted, nice select pernambuco

For more than three generations, the Dörfler family has manufactured string bows of superior craftsmanship based on the style of the French bow maker Tourte. Committed to perfection, extraordinarily high quality standards and artistic intuition, his son Egidius Dörfler has made the master workshop to what it is today. It is for this reason that the master bows carry his name. - Dörfler Workshop

*Pairs well with the Old French? 4/4 Cello*

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