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Jason Starkie '1717 Rogeri' Master Grade 4/4 Cello

Comes with lightweight carbon case.

  • Body Length - 28 3/4"
  • Upper Bout Width - 14"
  • C-Bout Width - 9 1/2"
  • Lower Bout Width - 17 1/4"
  • String Length - 27"

Model '1717 Rogeri'

Seattle, Washington; 2023
Master Grade

Plays smoothly, and speaks easily. Nice growl on the lows and sizzle on the highs. Well balanced. Oil varnished, will continue to open up as it is played in. 

I special ordered this instrument, and Jason Starkie kindly hand-delivered it to our shop recently. This compact full-size cello is one of our favorite, unique finds. The petite 1717 Rogeri pattern is just slightly smaller than most full-sizes. Despite its size, this finely made instrument possesses a rich tone with superb projection and a colorful, complex sound. So comfortable to play, effortless to maneuver around, and exceptionally responsive to the player's intent – this cello is a dream! With its size being somewhere between a 7/8 and a true full-size, this cello is a perfect compromise for the cellist seeking a more compact cello without losing any of the soloistic sound.

Jason Starkie is a violin maker specializing in making new cellos. He apprenticed with Robert Brewer Young in New York and France. He is an exceptional maker whose instruments reflect the sculptural qualities and harmony of the greatest Old Italians. He is one of the rare contemporary Luthiers whose combination of studied excellence and spontaneity leads to the creation of instruments that are truly made in the spirit of the past masters. He is also at the forefront of high end, acoustic research and exploring ways to apply twenty first century science to the ancient art of instrument making. The resulting sound and playability of his instruments is magnificent.

This is a fine example of this contemporary maker's talents. Completely hand-made by one craftsman in the U.S.A. Website: Starkie Lutherie

Price includes a lightweight case. 


  • Belgium style bridge
  • French style Les Bois D'Harmonie Tailpiece, Ebony
  • Ebony Pegs
  • New Harmony 10mm Carbon Fiber End pin
  • Spirocore C and G
  • Larsen Solo A & D

Jason Starkie in his workshop:

Jason Starkie and Linda West June 2015:



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