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Paul Weidhaas Cello Bow - on Consignment

Weight: 81.5g, Balance: 9 5/16"

Weight: 81.5g, Balance: 9 5/16"

With a big sound and a lot of color, this bow will please almost any cellist in need of a good bow. The upper strings sing nicely with this bow as it helps the player spin the sound. The lower strings purr as the sound rings endlessly. It maintains solid contact on all four strings in both delicate and demanding passages of music. As a result, projection is no problem with this bow. This bow would pair nicely with a warm cello looking for more punch.

Stamp: Paul Weidhaas                                                         

Octagonal stick, silver winding, silver mounted, pernambuco

The Weidhaas name is one of the most well known early 20th century German bow makers. Weidhaas studied the art of bow making with many European makers. He was influenced by George Winterling in Hamburg, Germany, Josef Vedral in Den Haag and Max Moller in Amsterdam. Weidhaas also worked and apprenticed with Victor Fetique in Paris, another major influence in his life. Paul Weidhass lived from 1894-1962.

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