Rodney Mohr Pajeot copy Cello Bow

Weight: 80.1g, Balance: 9 1/2

Weight: 80.1g, Balance: 9 1/2"

#1061 Linda hand selected this cello bow when at Rodney Mohr’s shop. 

This Rodney Mohr Pajeot copy cello bow plays wonderfully with a consistent, steady feel through the entire stick. This bow performs confidently making this bow is easy to control. It is lively when asked to be more acrobatic and articulates with a clear, buttery tone.  I love its perfect balance between flexibility and strength. 

The Pajeot copy is Rodney's most popular cello bow model and this particular bow is made from the most exquisite piece of Pernambuco. The figuring in the head and throughout the stick is stunning!

Rodney has won numerous awards in international competitions, including the Violin Society of America International Competitions and the Concours International de Paris. Rodney holds the distinction of Hors’ Concours by the VSA. Rodney has served as president of the Violin Society of America and bow judge, and President of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers.

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