Stahlhammer Cello Endpin

The models we offer are:
1. Carbon fiber main tube (called the outer tube) with a carbon fiber lower tube (called the inner tube) Black only.

2. Aluminum alloy 'combo' set, which includes an aluminum alloy outer (upper) tube, with TWO lower tubes to experiment with; one made of aluminum, and one made of carbon fiber. Each will affect the tone and resonance of each cello differently. Black only.

We offer 3 lengths; short, medium and long:

  • Short - 23-37cm (9"-14 1/2")
  • Medium - 27 to 47cm (10 ½" - 18 ½")
  • Long - 30 to 52cm (11 ¾" -20 ½")

You can change endpin tubes/rods without loosening the strings on the cello, which means that cellists can change endpin-tubes without going to a cello/violin shop. The cellists can try which material suites their particular cello, regarding sound quality and wolf tones, and verify their personal preferences of endpin lengths.

    1. The Stahlhammer cello endpin locks into two positions (angles): straight and bent 25 degrees. The endpin can be turned sideways.
    2. At 125 grams (4 ounces), the Stahlhammer Carbon-fiber Endpin is one of the lightest on the market.
    3. At 150 grams the Stahlhammer Aluminum-alloy Endpin is also one of the lightest on the market.
    4. The tip, made of carbon steel (very hard) is threaded and replaceable.
    5. Spare parts can be ordered separately.
    6. Warranty 12 months.
    7. Warning! The tip/point is sharp and can cause injury.

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