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Scott Cao - copy of G. B. Guadagnini 1777, 4/4 Cello - Used

Scott Cao 'Guadagnini' Cello

4/4 (small pattern) Crafted in 2016, gently used

Buttery, with excellent projection, easy to play with a warm, round tone. A smaller pattern cello closer in size to a 7/8, but still with the projection and depth comparable to any full-size cello.

This Scott Cao got a head start as a shop favorite with its desirable grain pattern and popular, petite body size, but its all-around buttery sound and excellent projection definitely sealed the deal.

Scott Cao’s Model 750 cellos are extremely popular and never last long in the shop due to their compact size. The Guadagnini pattern is more similar to a 7/8 size in body and string length but the body width is comparable to that of a full-size Strad, making them capable of providing a gutsier sound than your standard 7/8 Strad cello. This perfect combination of comfort and sound projection makes these instruments a joy to play for cellists with smaller hands. Supply is very limited.

Cellos comes with a standard hardcase and choice of bow.


  • Ebony Pegs
  • Wittner Tailpiece
  • Belgium-style bridge
  • Evah string set

Dimensions are as follows: (need to confirm)
  • Length of body: 28"
  • Width of upper bout: 13 3/8"
  • Width of c-bout: 10"
  • Width of lower bout: 16 1/2"
  • String length: 26 1/2"