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In Stock Sizes/Colors:
  • 7/8 White (fits 3/4 also)
  • 7/8 Pink (fits 3/4 also)
  • Medium - White
  • Large - White

Accord Carbon Composite 'Hybrid' Cello Case

Weight: 7.5 lbs / 3.4kg

Manufactured of carbon and other composite materials makes this hybrid case a lightweight choice.

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In Stock Colors:
  • Champagne w Black Trim

BAM Hightech 'Slim' 2.9 Polycarbonate - Cello Case

Weight: 8.0 lbs / 3.7kg

A new version of the Hightech Slim 2.9 out of light-weight polycarbonate.

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In Stock Colors:
  • La Defense Orange

BAM La Defense Hightech Slim 2.9 Cello Case

Weight: 6.7 lbs / 3kg

Very resistant and rigid shell.

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In Stock Colors:
  • Black Voyager
  • Ultramarine Blue

BAM Newtech Cello Case

Weight: 12 lbs / 5.4kg

BAMs Strongest Case

Built tough to hold up to the roughest handling.

from $1,209.00
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In Stock Colors
  • Azure Blue

BAM Shamrock Hightech Cello Case

Weight: 10.5 lbs /4.7 with wheels; 9.7 / 4.4kg without wheels

Cool 2-tone case with a black back and choice of front colors.

from $1,131.00
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In Stock Sizes/Colors:
  • 3/4 Ivory
  • XL Black

Bobelock Fiberglass 2000 Cello Case

Weight: 15lbs / 6.8kg

Durable and protective, fits larger cellos.

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In Stock Colors:
  • Titanium (blemished) see photo. There is a small 'spider' crack in the clear coat on the lid between the handle and the latch below the handle. It in no way affects the stability or function of the carbon fiber.

Eastman K3W Carbon Fiber Case for Cello with wheels

Weight: 8 lbs / 3.6kg

A full carbon fiber cello case with more room inside for larger cellos and a tight waterproof seal.

from $1,799.00
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In Stock Colors:
  • Black Carbon Weave

Eclipse Single Latch Carbon Fiber Cello Case

Weight: 7.3 lbs / 3.3kg

Auto-Latching System! Super sturdy and rigid. Very strong.

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In Stock Colors:
  • Orange
  • Beige
  • Purple
  • White (black interior)

GEWA Air Cello Case - fits 7/8 or 4/4

Weight: 8.6lbs / 3.9kg

Full suspension case with a hammock-like cradle supporting the bottom of the cello.