About Us

We Are a Small, Family Business!

Our goal is simple: to make cellists happy. We strive to understand your needs, and to do everything that we can to exceed your expectations. Everyone who works here plays the cello!

Owner, Luthier

Cellist, repair luthier, bow-maker, Linda's passion is cellos and helping musicians with their instruments. An expert at setup, she is sought-out by professional musicians on the West Coast.

Linda West

Bow Restoration

When you send your bow to us for rehair, Randy puts it through the 'spa'; cleaning, polishing and restoring your bow to perfection before Linda rehairs it. He also does our major bow restorations and repairs.

Randy Ward

Sales Manager

Anne is the one who started our website back in 2006. She now manages our sales, inventory, website, packing, shipping and all the other little things that keep a store going.

Anne West

Repair Luthier Apprentice

Learning the basics of cello setup, bridge-making, etc. His fine playing skills help us to dial in our cello setup work. Ivan is a self-taught cellist and music major at UCSB.

Ivan Law

Bow Maker & Luthier Apprentice

As a home school project, Jesse learned to make a bow, and is now Linda's apprentice. He works several days after his high school classes setting up cellos, and learning to be a repair luthier.

Jesse DiMaggio

Website Engineer

Sophia is a fine, local cellist, and all-around assistant in the shop. She has been instrumental in the launch of our new website platform, and helps out in all aspects of our business.

Sophia Prothero