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Customer Feedback

My business is built on the satisfaction of my customers. I know that purchasing a musical instrument is often a big and expensive decision. I also know that it takes a huge leap of faith, or an amazing level of guidance, to make that purchase online, sight unseen. I pride myself on service BEFORE the sale so that each of you are happy beyond belief with your new cello, viola, violin, bass, or bow.
To help make your decision of working with me feel more secure, here is just some of the feedback I have received over my 18+ years in business providing cellists with unparalleled service.

I do apologize for the voluminous feedback... you don't have to read it all ;)

If you would like to send me feedback of any kind, click here.

Hi Anne,
I put the Arcus through its paces  at Disney hall last night for a pops concert - Holst, Beethoven, show tunes etc - and it was a very rewarding experience. I had to work much less to achieve much more. The "feel" and balance were much closer to some of the fine wood bows I've had and it gets a much fuller and more nuanced sound out of the bass; more volume and warmth. Excellent spiccato and balance.  And much less hand fatigue at the end of the evening (which also included a two hour afternoon rehearsals).
Thanks very much.  I'm glad I have the bow.
Louis (Louis bought a hand made, carbon Arcus S7 German Bass bow)


Good afternoon,

I received my cello yesterday and I just wanted to thank you guys so much for the order process. From the actual purchase to the quick shipping. I was contacted about a preference on the case for my cello and was so happy with my decision on the case. I’m so thankful that you guys reached out to me to ask what I would like for my case. When I received my package, my cello was packed with so much care, I couldn’t believe it. Every detail of how it was packed was stellar. I ordered a 1/2 size as a petite female with a double joint in my 4th fingers that are very tiny and collapse easily. I’m so happy with my purchase and I just look forward to playing. I feel like my cello was made just for me, and the posture pegs are amazing. I wanted to reach out with so much gratitude to the shop for making this such an excellent experience. Thank you! Here’s a photo of my beautiful 1/2 size Rudoulf Doetsch cello


Erica, May 2024

Thank you for sending this beautiful cello and bow. I feel as if I now have the instrument that will produce the full range of sound that my imagination and growing skill will want to create, without any limitation in the slightest. So sweet and so deep! I pick it up every time I walk by it, always playing it with surprise and joy. I feel fortunate to have found a person who has such practical and broad expertise, who will be available to help me with anything I might need connected to my music. You were right about this cello. That you again, for your great work.

Liz, January 2023

Hello Linda, Anne and the entire staff.
I want to thank you for your kind and professional assistance in helping me buy a cello case.
I found your shop the most helpful one for several reasons:
1. You have detailed specifications of the measurements of each case.     
2. You have an extremely useful YouTube channel that tells you how to measure your own instrument.
3. After measuring everything and hesitating about the decision,
I emailed the shop and they immediately (within an hour) directed me to the correct version of the case brand I wanted. A version that slightly better fitted to my cello.
4. The responsivenes, kindness and professionalism are excellent.
5. The shipment took only 1 week (I am from Israel).

I highly recommend everyone to buy a cello case at Linda (assuming you have a cello...)
Gilad Vaintraub, August 2023

Thank you for everything. This has been such a great experience. I have played the viola for close to 30 years, and have shopped and purchased numerous instruments during the years. Never has one of those interactions felt as if I was working with family. You are so kind, and I can tell you have a good heart and care for those around you. 

Thank you, 

Dawn, August 2023

I think I can consider this past week quality time!
I have enjoyed exploring the nuances of this cello!  The sound is round, has body, and really my best description is it sounds like buttery dark chocolate!  I have taken time to play various music and exercises and definitely feel that she and I are a good match!  Last night I took her to a rehearsal, and loved how well she blended with a group.  Some of the most simple passages gave me joy because the dynamic and articulation I wanted were achieved effortlessly.  Quick notes are much more accessible also.
Needless to say, I will not be asking to return it!
Thank you so much for the amazing care you have taken of me during this process!  I will be posting on my cello group Facebook page about it soon.

Kathy, April 2023 (Kathy purchased one of our Vivo Guadagnini models)

Hi Anne,

I love love love it!!! It sounds so much better than my other one. Even my husband noticed the difference and that's saying a lot. Haha. It's easier to play too! My confidence has grown. I am so happy with it! Thank you!! The case is cool, but weird getting used to. So light!! I am incredibly pleased!

Teresa, Jan 2023 (Teresa purchased a 7/8 Lombardi and an Accord Hybrid case)

I love my new case, thanks so much! My students are all very jealous…. It’s light as a feather! Thank you for setting it all up, I can’t believe how light and pretty it is!

Sophie, Jan 2023 (Sophie purchased an Accord Ultra Light case)

Hey there Anne,
The cello is gorgeous and sounds so warm and rich. The case is terrific and the bow you selected is light and responsive. Victoria loves it. Her teacher loves it, and she wants her in it sooner rather than later though it’s a touch big (as we knew it would be). She has an audition she’s prepping for, and she’ll be using the new cello. We are so grateful to you for your help and the fantastic package you put together for our daughter at an amazing price. You have return customers in us!  I’d love to write a review if there’s a link you can send me to do so, or feel free to use this correspondence.  
Thanks again!
Charlene M. Jan 2023

The cello came in! I’m so happy it sounds very rich just like you described! I Love it. I’m really exited to get back into playing as I didn’t realize how much I missed it!! Thank you so much it means a lot to be able to purchases from someone trust worthy like yourself. The instrument is amazing!

Thank you!”

Alejandro, Dec. 2022 (Alejandro purchased a Wilhelm Klier Guarneri del Gesu) 

 Linda and Anne,

Thank you so much for all your help with my recent cello and bow purchase. Your undivided attention, red-carpet experience and set up was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I honestly can say that I don't ever want to buy a cello/bow etc. from anyone else : ).

I look forward to playing my new cello and bow and coming back for continual bow and cello care and eventually another upgrade in the future.

I hope my "violin" bow comes in handy for an inspiring violinist (lol).

Thank you again,
Nancy, Nov. 2022 (Nancy purchased her cello at a 'music' store, and was given a violin bow instead of a cello bow. If you are shopping for bowed stringed instruments, be sure you visit a strings shop, and not a music store!)

Dear Linda,
Thank you so much for your help and patience with me. All of the bows you sent me were amazing! It was a tough decision but I am thrilled to have found the perfect bow for my cello!

Julie, Oct 2022

Linda and Team -
I wanted to thank you for taking sufficient time last Wednesday in assisting me in the challenging process of selecting a new cello. Your patience and understanding of what I was looking for and hoping to achieve was greatly appreciated. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Gavin, Oct. 2022

 Hi Anne,

I finally had my first lesson with my teacher since getting my new cello, so as promised, I am reporting on how that went.
When I arrived at his studio, I handed him the cello and my new bow. He played for about 5 minutes without saying anything. (I was getting a bit nervous, though the sounds he was making were incredible.) When he stopped playing he said, "This is a VERY nice cello."
About 45 minutes into the lesson, he asked to play it again. He commented on how responsive the instrument was and how balanced the timbre on all four strings was. He asked me again how much I had paid, and said "This plays much better than any cello I've seen in that price range. Congratulations on an excellent purchase."
So, joy and happiness here. I encouraged him to send folks your way.
Thanks again for everything,
Steve, Aug 2022 (Steve purchased a one-of-a-kind Christian Hamma that Linda had performed her magic on)

There are no words I can think of to accurately express my instant love of Buttercup.  Her sound resonates with my soul like no other.  She plays with ease and comfort and she makes me sound much better than I deserve.  She is perfection!  

So in closing, I just want to thank you for your amazing service!  The care that you take in regards to selecting, recording and presenting detailed information for each cello can be found no where else!  The craftsmanship in set up, bridge work and customer service is unsurpassed.  Linda West Cellos is truly a gift from the Gods! 

Thank you! 
Laurie, Aug. 2022 (Laurie purchased a 7/8 J. Seibert 600 that Linda's sister, Anne, had graciously played-in)

Hi Linda and Anne,

I wanted to reach out to you both to share my gratitude for the Szlachtowski cello. It's been a game changer settling into this instrument. I am so happy with it. Thanks also for all the love poured into setting it up, it comes through and sounds beautiful. I'm also grateful for how helpful you both were in this process. Wishing you both all the best and hope you're having a wonderful start to summer!

Warm wishes,

Isabel, June 2022

Hi Anne,
The cello arrived at about 7 pm last night in spite of a snow storm and icy roads in Fargo on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The packaging was great and everything was in perfect condition.

The cello is beautiful and is indeed “cooperative” as you said. The shorter string length is more comfortable and I was able to play in a more relaxed manner. Even my bowing is more relaxed because the string length better suits the length of my short arms! I was surprised at how quickly I was able to adjust to playing on the shorter strings. She has a lovely open sound. I loved tuning her with the geared pegs. An hour and a half orchestra rehearsal this evening will put us to the test.

Your careful listening and attention to detail in setting up and putting together the cello, bow and case is appreciated. You made me feel like my business is as important to you as any customer’s. That hasn’t always been my experience elsewhere.

I can’t imagine any reason I would be sending her back!

Janet, March 2022 (Janet purchased a 7/8 cello)

 Hi Anne,

I love the case! It is so amazing to see my cello fitting perfectly inside. And it is so light! Thank you very much for your help and figuring out which case would be right for me and my cello. I have a rehearsal tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to just moving around in the world with a case that doesn't hurt my body. 
Thanks again,
Mary, R. Nov. 2021 (Mary waited patiently for a special order Accord Hybrid 7/8 size for her small 7/8 cello. These fit great if the total length of your instrument (not counting the endpin or fitting), is not over 46 1/2" tall) 


Let me take a moment to thank you very much for all the help you gave me in choosing my new bow.  I'm very impressed with your shop and how you educate people in the purchasing process.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas this year.  

Rich P. Dec. 2021

Hi Anne!

Just a follow up that my son is very pleased with his cello! He absolutely loves the geared pegs!!! It’s been so great for him to keep this cello at school and have a quality instrument to play at school that’s the same size as he plays at home! Thank you for making the purchase so easy and personal. I’m so glad I found your company on line! Thank you so much! He is so happy!

Kym, Oct 2021

I’m in love!!! 

The cello is absolutely beautiful and I’m already enhancing skills that I didn’t know I had! She sounds absolutely amazing and I’m so glad to have found her. Thanks to you both for matching me with my cello soulmate.  I can’t put her down - I don’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed playing this much :)
Thank you so much!!

Melissa, July 2021 (Melissa upgraded from a very basic beginners instrument to a much-needed, and long overdue 'soul mate' connection with a Szlachtowski 'Grancino')

Hey, Anne!
Yes, the cello came on Friday and it shipped perfectly. It was even still reasonably in tune so I don’t think anything budged. It has been amazing! My bow is working well with it for now but definitely will want to upgrade. You and Linda have been the best. Please take care and I’m sure I’ll talk to you two soon! 

Jared, July 2021 (Jared traveled here from another State and chose a Dimbath C-Class Strad, which we shipped to him.)
She's alive! I'm so grateful for the time & work you put into my new cello. I was having a difficult time feeling connected & was worried I didn't make the right choice.

(...after some cello adjustments by Linda...) When I finally had the chance to play, it was love at first bow! She had gone through some kind of magical transformation under your hands.... I feel energized! Still plan to name her just waiting for inspiration. :) You've made such an impact on my life by providing beautiful instruments to achieve my life-long cello dream. Six years in, it's exciting to feel I'm starting anew.

All the best, 
Cheri (2021) (Cheri rented a nice instrument from us for several years, and finally decided to purchase her own.)


I was just rhapsodizing to my husband about how deeply fortunate I am to have found such a rich smooth instrument combination so damn quickly :)  I never would have expected things to happen this fast!  …y’all are goood :D
THANK you!  Thank you so much.  It makes me so happy, every time I play it, every time I hear it :)

Terra, April 2021 (We guided Terra to a Frederich Wyss 7/8 cello with an Arcus S5 bow)

We had an amazing experience with our recent Prelude Cello purchase. We love that they included sample sounds for each cello so that we could compare before buying. Anne West took the time to chat/email with us to answer our multiple questions about everything, from the bow to color of hard cases. She listened to our preferences and gave multiple detailed suggestions accordingly. They had updated us about delays and details of shipping as well.

 Our daughter loves her new cello! The details, the quality and the touch is exquisite! We highly recommend this shop, you can really tell that time and effort is put in to make each cello sound it’s best. We felt like we were treated like family. Thank you so much again Anne and Linda for your amazing customer service!
Lina, April 2021

Thank you so much for the fabulous work  you did on my cello. It looks and sounds amazing. The love you show to your work and the people around you is an inspiration. Look forward to coming to you for many years.

Justin L.,  March, 2021

Excellent product and excellent service.

Dear Anne and Linda,

Thank you so much for your assistance in obtaining this wonderful tailpiece. It has been installed and has resulted in a world of difference. The fine tuners are excellent, but most impressively the upgrade in the overall resonance of the instrument is amazing, especially in the upper range. The sound is full, clear, projected...everything we could hope for. It has even changed the way both of Ayla’s bows sound respectively. Now it is up to her use precision bowing technique to draw out the exact sound she wants because there is a full range of tones and colors available to her. Excellent product and excellent service. Thank you so much!

Christina S. Nov, 2020 (Christina purchase a Rosewood Bois d'Harmonie tailpiece with fine tuners)

Dear Anne,

Again, many thanks for making this happen! Yes, I am happy with the cello – it’s great! The case is wonderful as well – it opens and closes nicely, and is quite lite, not to mention that the finish is wonderful as well!

Thanks again – very much!

John Y, Sept 2020

I like the bow holders a lot. Very smart

The case arrived and it’s beautiful! Well, spiffy, jazzy, cool. Nice lines. When I get the Luis & Clark, I’ll take photos and send some! I like the bow holders a lot. Very smart. I’ve had bows clunk around in cases. And I like that it has some more weight...definitely easier to line up and close.

Thank you!
Deb M.B., June 2020 (Deb purchased a Gewa Air cello case)


I just wanted to update you: after having a week to get acquainted, my daughter has proclaimed that she really loves her new cello. I am grateful to have had your help in selecting it, and the bow to go with it. I would not have felt comfortable purchasing otherwise.

Many thanks!
Gena, April 2020

Hi Anne,

I got the cello today, and it's in perfect condition.

Although the tone is brighter than I would prefer (I knew this already from what you told me), and this is how much I could afford now; hopefully one day I'll be able to upgrade to one that produces much warmer sound. Regardless, I love it!!! The 7/8 size suits me well, I like how it's set up with geared peg, the strings make the sound volume great and solid. I also love the color of the Mirage case. Thank you so much for everything you did in helping me choosing my very first cello. It makes the shelter-in-place experience extra special yet relaxing and sweet!

Thanks to Linda and you again!

Allison, April 2020 (
Hi Allison, the cello we selected was the warmest of the two. If you just want the A string to be a little warmer, you can try a Larsen A medium regular if you want the whole set warmer you will lose some responsiveness and volume but you can try Jargar silver sound set which we sell.)

I just gave the new bow a trial run. It is wonderful!!! Thank you for the advice, and especially for the suggestion to get the Stringvision bow grip. OMG, I wish I had tried one of these months ago. It is not at all what I expected. Having seen them at various websites, I just did not realize how comfortable they would be. From the pictures, I had been thinking it was more of a hard plastic item. You cannot begin to imagine all of the elaborate thumb taping I have been doing for daily practice. This is a life changer, and I would not have tried it had we not talked. Thank you so much. I have saved packing tubes etc. so I can ship back to you when I need bow services. Your service is outstanding.


Barb F. March 2020
A Happy Customer

Exceptional experience!

Hi Linda,

My mom bought a cello from you a few weeks ago; I just wanted to thank you for helping and providing her with what sounded like an exceptional experience. She had a great time and loves her cello- it sounds great!

Kind regards,
Karl, Mar. 2020

I really like the case.

Ahhh, that wonderful German engineering has the case fitting my cello like a glove. Thanks for the information on the bow holders. Thanks for all your help too. When I close the case, it’s like closing the door of my friend’s Volvo instead of 1970’s Volkswagen! Of course, you are now my “go to” source for my students!

Thanks so much Anne.
Lauren Mar, 2020 (Lauren purchased a Gewa Air cello case for her smaller cello.)

Harvey absolutely loves his cello and has already had a lesson with it. Thank you for looking out for us.

John U. Feb. 2020 (John needed some help picking out a 3/4 cello for his son. We selected an Angel Taylor for them.)

Dear Linda —

I’ve had a couple of days to work out on the Prakticello and I just wanted to let you know how much better it feels (and even sounds better too). With the bridge so nicely shaped now (and unbent!) it is much more responsive and feels so much better to play. I can’t thank you enough for working on the bridge.

Lloyd S., Feb. 2020 (Lloyd was a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra, now retired, traveling with his wife. It was a pleasure to meet him!)

My son is a passionate, but very young, cellist and when it came time to upgrade to a 1/4 size cello, I wanted to give him a step up from what the local rental shop could provide. I looked online quite a bit and read reviews but felt nervous about purchasing an instrument without letting my son play it first. I kept coming back to the many glowing reviews about Linda West cellos as well as her knowledgeable posts on cello forums and finally decided to reach out by email. Anne West replied with such detailed, thoughtful and helpful information that I knew at once I was in good hands. The cello we chose after several email/phone discussions arrived within a week and was so carefully packaged that it made it all the way from California to Ohio in perfect condition. My son excitedly unpacked the cello, began to play it…and, to our dismay, we quickly noticed a sound on the A string that was very unpleasant. I got in touch with Anne (and Linda) right away and over the course of a week they guided us through various techniques to try to remedy the issue. When it became clear that nothing helped, I began to worry that we would have to accept the sound of this instrument until he outgrew - but Linda and Anne graciously asked me to send the cello back so that they could replace it. I would have never asked them to do this but was so relieved that they offered and, to me, this offer spoke to their dedication to putting great instruments in the hands of musicians…even the youngest ones. Linda sent two additional cellos for my son to choose from - a Doetsch and a Dunov, both of which arrived beautifully packed and in perfect condition - and then we had another problem on our hands…he loved them both! He ended up choosing the Doetsch and couldn't be happier with it. He says that he loves its projection, its clear sound in the higher registers and the rich sound of the lower strings. Not to mention, he thinks it is absolutely beautiful! Anne and Linda not only found my son a cello he adores playing but they took the time to educate me, get to know our family and help us through an unforeseen problem. In the process, they have earned our loyal support, our friendship and complete admiration for their customer service as well as their fine instruments. My son is growing quickly and I know another cello purchase will soon be in our future. When that day comes, there is no doubt about it - we will be investing in another cello from Linda West.

Sarah S., Feb. 2020

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that we received the tweed bam case and it is wonderful! It is exactly what my son wanted and his cello fits perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and sending the video to show the color, it really made my experience with your company perfect!

Have a great day :)

I wanted to let you guys know how happy I've been with the cello I purchased from your store. I chose the Vivo Etude and it meets all of my needs as a beginner cello player. I spoke with Anne on the phone, and she made the process choosing a beautiful case to go along with my new instrument very easy. I will undoubtedly go through you guys again for all of my future cello needs.

Thank you very much!

Zachary, Nov 2019

Dear Miss Linda and Miss Anne,

Thank you so much for your amazing help. I really appreciated your generosity. I most definitely would not have been able to find a better cello if it wasn't for your help and time. I already know that this cello will remind me of the fun time back at your shop and I will act as a wonderful source of joy for my family and I.

Much love,
Sofia S. May, 2019 (Sofia traded up to a Calin Wultur #6)


Thank you very much for your prompt attention to our order. The chair arrived today (23/11/19) our time. I have had parcels sent from within Australia take longer!

Once again,

Thank you very much! Nov, 2019 (Ian ordered an AdjustRite chair for shipment from California to Australia. 10 days via USPS)

Dear Anne,

Well, I’ve had a week to settle in with my new cello and I must tell you that I am absolutely delighted! The description of the cello and the sound clip are very accurate. I find it extraordinarily easy to play and the bow is a dream. My playing has advanced leaps and bounds in just this past week. I’ve been able to play new and old pieces in a week that I couldn’t conquer on my old rented cello and bow. My instructor was thoroughly impressed with my progress. In addition, he played the cello and was impressed with it’s sound and playability, noted that the set up was excellent and appreciated it’s good looks. He gave his seal of approval.

Thank you for helping me move into this next level of playing and learning! As I’ve said before, I am grateful for your kind attention and guidance during this process. I had spoken with several other strings shops before coming to you and was often put off by snobbery and disregard for adult learners who want to play reasonably well just for the joy of it. I look forward to working with you in the future and I will send anyone I can your way!

All the best,
Kim, Nov. 2019 (Kim flew in from the East Coast and purchase a Dimbath/Gill X7)

Hi Anne. I can confirm that I have received the bow in excellent conditions. Thank you very much for your extraordinary customer service.

My best,
SACH, Nov 2019, Mexico City

I really couldn't be happier.

This half-sized Gerlach is unbelievable! I love it! The sound is so big, it's as though there is a microphone on it. The sound is warm and resonant and beautiful and it is so easy to play. Having this half-sized instrument makes all of the triple stops in Bach so much easier. I really couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for working with me on getting this instrument.

Benita, July 2019

I can be in extended position with no sweat!

Hi Linda and Anne -

I just wanted to let you both know how much I love my little Szlachtowski with a big wonderful sound - now named “Towski”. Towski’s gender is as yet undecided. It may become clearer in time as my cello playing improves.

For me this is the perfect instrument. It’s wonderful to play and I can carry it without getting all neurotic about how close a parking place I can get in San Francisco where the parking is hard.

And I can be in extended position with no sweat!

Thank you both for making this happen. It has been such a pleasure dealing with you. You made it so easy and fun. I never thought I would find a good three-quarter size cello so I’m still sort of pinching myself. You made it happen.

Susie, June 2019

The cello arrived today and my initial impression is - YES! It has such a nice mellow sound compared to this big old rental, plus I can actually make the stretch so 7/8 was the solution.

My brother happened to be here and is an old time fiddler, among all the many kinds of music he plays. He was all over it. I doubt it’s ever been played like he did today. He remarked on the much nicer tone. We ended up playing a bit of old time together with him on fiddle and me wandering around on the cello. I will give myself a few more days before I make a final decision but I’m thinking this is gonna stay right here. Oh and that little grip on the bow makes a huge difference. I love that thing.

Thank you very, very much!

Bette D. June, 2019 (Bette purchased a 7/8 Lombardi)

Exactly Like the Recording!

The cello from Linda West Cellos arrived, and when I went to play it, the sound was exactly, sweetly, and lovingly the sound that I had heard on the recording on her website. If you fall in love with the sound of one of her cellos, that is the cello you are getting. The recordings ring true.

John S. May, 2019 (we have a lot invested in our recording equipment, and hire a professional cellist to do all of our recordings. We were glad to hear this feedback about our equipment. John purchased a Wilfer cello)

We love everything!

Hi Linda,

We received the cello last Saturday! We love everything! My daughter and her teacher both love the cello for the amazing resonant sound. It is better than we heard online, and the case is absolutely gorgeous and prettier than the picture on the website. We also love the bow, it is a good quality and makes even our old cello sound better. The strings are amazing and sound wonderful. I was nervous to make the purchase online without touching the cello in person. I was so glad I decided to order it because the process was so easy and resulted in a beautiful cello.

Thank you very much!
Melody, Dec. 2018 (Melody purchase a Vivo Zetoni 250E)


WOW! Who would have thought that an end pin could make such a difference!! More volume but definitely the sounds are freer and clearer. Thank you for suggesting the end pin. And so easy to install!

Carole, Nov. 2018 (Carole purchased an OPin, Linda's custom endpin)

This instrument blows my sad rental out of the water.

Hello Linda,

I wanted to send a quick note letting you know that the cello arrived safely. I absolutely love it and I haven’t been able to put it down. The case is perfect; the color is awesome and looks great in my small nyc apartment. Thank you for all of the attention to detail in setting up my cello. This instrument blows my sad rental out of the water. The bow is awesome - it has a little more weight than my rental which I prefer. I also appreciate the cleaning cloth with the amazing art on it. I am very happy and I can’t wait to learn to play amazing music.

Many thanks,
Jessica, Sept. 2018 (Jessica purchased a Vivo La Viva with a purple hard case)

Hi Linda,

I am having such a great time with my Mezzo Forte! My Dimbath still has fingerboard tape to help guide and shape my hand — which I understand and agree with. Sometimes its easy to rely on the tape instead of concentrating on hand shape and placement though. So I have been switching back and forth between the 2 cellos, which for me anyway, is both fun and educational. I feel like I have made much more progress in just a few days than I have for some time. Part of that is coming off a normal learning plateau, yet I think another part is having the luxury of the Mezzo Forte with no learning aids affixed.

I just plugged the Mezzo Forte in for the first time also, and it sounds amazing through an acoustic amp! It’s fun because of the amplification of both good and bad, and it works great for practice with a drone.

Thank you!
Mark, July 2018

It was totally fun!
I had the pleasure to meet with Linda in Santa Barbara on a cello hunt. It was a great evening in which I felt very comfortable trying all sorts of cellos in two size ranges. Even though I'm a fairly new cello player (a little over a year), Linda made me feel totally calm and helped with ideas for testing ranges and other information to help figure out what would work. It was totally fun! I ended buying the lovely 1777 Guadagnini replica, which does truly have a sweet voice. Great for my size and price point. We then went through a lot of bows to match to this beautiful cello. Linda has a wonderful system to sort through bows in a relatively short amount of time. She's customizing the case to fit this smaller sized full cello and it will be arriving shortly here in Florida. Can't wait!! My sister lives in LA so I was fortunate to be able to meet Linda in person. We had communicated via email for over 6 months concerning different cellos and meeting her in person only raises my esteem for her and her business. Santa Barbara is a lovely city with lots of things to do, so if one is looking for a nice trip... Thanks Linda!

Anne, May 2018

UPDATE: My Guadagnini Replica arrived last Saturday, packed securely in its case and shipping box. As beautiful as I remembered. I let it rest for the rest of the day (it was late) and started playing with it on Sunday. I've mostly been playing scales, intervals, fingerboard travel while getting to know the new note distance length from my rental. The end of the week, I've added some pieces I've been working on and enjoying the sound! She projects extremely well and has quite a rich C string. I consider her a baby at the moment due to her young age., so doing exercises to help open up, although she does come alive quickly. Reading on cell structure of the wood, varnish and all sorts of fantastical things how wood instruments learn to be. I can tell that she will mature very nicely and have a great deal to play as the years go by. Thanks to Linda's help, I have a sweet cello and bow to work with in my personal journey to learn to play the cello!


My bow never felt so good.

Thanks for the wonderful rehair and also cleaning up the windings and new tip. I will always send my bows here.

Thomas, May 2018

Hi Linda,

The bows got here yesterday and look amazing. Thank you so much for the prompt service, the classy leather, and your 'get it done' attitude. I will not wait quite so long to send them back for work.

Mark, March 2018 (Mark had 2 bass bows rehaired and the windings replaced with leather)


Dear Linda and team,
Thanks so much for repairing my bow. It looks great and plays beautifully. I really appreciate the careful attention to detail. I am still checking out violas so will keep your choices in mind.

Nancy, Mar 2018

Impressed by its power and sound quality!

Linda, I am so pleased with my new cello! When it arrived today, I immediately took it out of its immaculate packaging, tuned it up, and began playing it. I’m so impressed by its power and sound quality! I was looking for a cello that would be a big step up from what I had, and I definitely got exactly what I was looking for. I think I’m in love!

Thank you so much!

Leah, Feb 2018 (Leah purchased a 1960 German 'Hamming' on consignment)

Linda was very helpful in securing a new Accord cello case for our son. He wanted a specific color and she delivered within a few days. Very knowledgeable!
Marilyn, Jan 2018

The Scott Cao Guadagnini arrived safe and sound and was very well packed and arrived in good condition. After 30 minutes to acclimate I tried it out and it was a little shy and muted at first but maybe it’s me but the sound has already opened up a bit and is starting to respond more fully. The build quality is excellent and I really like the case. Now I can officially put away the Christmas tree and be ready for students starting tomorrow. (Sat. strings classes)

Thank you very much for an enjoyable cello finding experience.

Kind Regards,

Russ K., Jan 2018

She cried like a baby

She loves it! She was shocked. We waited until the end of the day to surprise her. We had her thinking she was helping her dad unwrap a baby crib for her new nephew. THEN she realized it was a new cello case for her and exclaimed that it looks too big for her “Gwen” (her now student ½ size Eastman) – so she got another shock when she opened the case and there was a beautiful cello inside. She cried like a baby… she was very grateful. She played it and was thrilled with the deep resonance and big sound. She’s trying to decide what she’s going to name her, Willow and Lily are in the running. Honor Orchestra, here we come! Thank you for all your help, Linda!

Sincere thanks,

Sharon, Dec 2017 (Sharon purchased a Scott Cao 750)


Your website gave me the confidence to take the risk

Hi Linda,

It's been several months now since I bought my cello, and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the instrument. The idea of buying a cello online seemed a bit risky to me, but having the ability to hear the instrument, see so many detailed pictures of it and read such a thorough review on your website gave me the confidence to take the risk and have it shipped. Your service was fantastic, and the cello arrived so well packaged/wrapped/padded that there was no possibility at all of it being damaged in shipment. Back to the instrument itself... The sound is so rich and lush, and the cellists sitting behind me in the section are in awe of the fact that they can not only hear my cello, but because of it's uniquely lush tone, there is no question of whose instrument they are hearing. Everyone who has tried my cello has threatened to steal it from me (jokingly of course). My local luthier checked it out for me, and not only approved of it, but is actively seeking more of these instruments for his shop. Thank you again for offering such beautiful instruments and such a great experience.

Mary, Dec 2017 (Mary purchased a Kystian Grzybrcz 4/4 Cello)



Hi Linda,

Thank you for doing a great job re-hairing my bow. I couldn't believe the difference. I'm very happy and maybe I won't wait so long next time. Thanks again!

Jimmy, Nov 2017

I love the strings you recommended

Hi Linda,

Sorry I have taken so long to let you know how much I love the set of strings you suggested I try. They sound beautiful and I find much easier to play.

Sincerely, Karen K. Sept 2017

We are thrilled, what a tremendous difference

Linda, thank you very much for rehairing my cello bow and my daughter's violin bow. We are thrilled, what a tremendous difference. I really enjoy your website and only wish we lived closer so we could visit.

With Much Appreciation and Warm Regards,
Sherry, Sept 2017


There is no place better, no studio, no workshop, no string shop better than Linda

Everything everyone has said is true, absolutely true. There is no place better, no studio, no workshop, no string shop better than Linda, or anyone in the trade who knows more or is more honest and forthright. I've been a customer since 2013 or 2014, I think. I am at the point in life where some folks are thinking of retiring, but I am going into a life in music, that I have only been able to dream about for most of my life. The biggest part of this journey was finding a voice that was mine, that could sing with me and for me and express what my heart wanted to say but had no words. Linda helped me every step of the way, and we had a few trials back and forth over this past year. She supported my journey and patiently answered my questions and made timely suggestions. But, most importantly, you can trust Linda and everything she says. If you have questions, or hesitate to purchase a cello ( or other instrument) on line, send off that email. You absolutely will not be sorry and it will be the beginning of your life in music or an enhancement of it.

Thank you so very much, Linda!
Jan, Sept 2017 (Jan purchased an H. Gill X7 'Ruggieri')

Don’t know if my earlier thank you message got to you… Punkin sounds so much better now.

Thank you for working on her, Dr. Cello!

Luella, Sept 2017 (‘Punkin’ is an old violin…)


Thanks for making buying a cello so easy.
Hi Linda,

We received the new cello yesterday - super fast shipping and it was packed really well. Jaden is super excited about his new cello - it sounds so much better than the beginner student cello he had and Jaden has commented how the new bow makes it so much easier to play. And the perfection pegs you swapped in are as good as advertised.

Thanks for making buying a cello so easy. I appreciated how much info was on your website and how responsive you were to my questions. It gave me the confidence to make a the big purchase of a cello online!

Phil, Aug 2017 (Phil purchased an Eastman 405 for his son)

(Hi Phil, Awesome to hear!! He should enjoy practicing even more now! Enjoy, ~Linda)


He actually sounds a lot better

Hi Linda,

I just wanted to let you know that we received the 1/4 bow for my son, he has had some time to try it, and he likes it very much. When we first got it, we were all prepared for it to not make much difference, except maybe he would "feel better" having a new bow. But wow, he actually sounds a lot better, and it feels really good to him. The heavier weight is nice. He's happy. Thanks very much!! :-)

Caren, Aug, 2017

(Hi Caren, That's awesome! A good bow can really be a game changer. I'm glad it turned out well for your son! Bows are actually the 'instrument'. A nice bow can really make playing easier and more enjoyable. Enjoy! Linda)



amazing customer service
It would be difficult to overstate the amazing customer service that one experiences when working with Linda West. When combined with her depth of knowledge, long experience, personal care, and extraordinary patience, I don't plan to ever look anywhere else. I am an amateur pianist of many years, yet new to the cello. Even with access to local retail music stores in the Pacific Northwest, I purchased my cello and accessories from Linda. Briefly, here is why: 1. She is responsive and thorough. Linda deals with clients all over the world, yet her extraordinary service made me feel like I was the only person she was dealing with. 2. Linda didn't treat me like a beginning cellist. On the contrary, she took great care to help me select an appropriate instrument and bow combination. Then she had another beginning cellist come in to her shop to play and help ensure her choice was correct. Incredible... 3. Her pricing is fair and open. How many times are we asked to either call or travel to discuss pricing for expensive items? Not with Linda. There are no secrets. 4. Linda's packing was a work of art in itself. Shipping was quick, safe and reasonably priced. 5. Linda's website is detailed and educational, yet easy to navigate. When I first started looking at cellos, I couldn't imagine purchasing an instrument online. Now I don't envision dealing with anyone other than Linda. After my first 2 lessons I already love my cello. Maybe more credibly, my highly experienced teacher does also.


Thank you, Linda!

Mark - August 2017 (Mark purchased a 2011Bernd Dimbath C Class 'Stradivarius' 4/4 Cello)

We feel so lucky finding this fabulous cello


Tara is enjoying this cello very much. It's a joy to play and we enjoy listening to her. She said the thumb position notes (double stops) are easier to play and also sound unbelievably clear, as do the treble clef notes.

We feel so lucky finding this fabulous cello. Her teacher especially liked this cello. He said it will be exciting to hear the cello as it opens up.

We thank you for all you do: your shop; your helpful videos; your knowledge of all things cello.

Thanks again,

Carole and Tara U. [Carole and Tara purchased a Bernd Dimbath C Class 'Gofriller' Master Grade 7/8 Cello]

Good Morning Linda:

I hope that you had a great weekend. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the beautiful work on my bow. I couldn't have wished for a better result. I really appreciate your time and your expertise.

Thanks again, and all the best.
Ida, May 2017

that bow has never sounded this good

I just received my bow after your rehairing work--that bow has never sounded this good. I'm sending my primary bow to you this week.

Phil, May, 2017


I'm very happy with the rehair job

Hello Linda, I got the bow today, thanks for the packaging its better than the one I used too, more compact and secure, I'm very happy with the rehair job, looks and feels solid too! Many thanks!

Best regards,
Luis, Puerto Rico, 2017


I no longer have back pains when carrying my cello

Linda, I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for the wonderful products and services. The Fiedler backpack system works out perfectly, and I no longer have back pains when carrying my cello across my university campus. I honestly was considering in giving up orchestra and cello lessons due to the heavy and unbalanced weight on my back, which caused me pain at the end of the day. I had a car accident about 5 years ago, which caused some damage to my vertebrae. The combination of the case and the perfectly placed backpack system probably saved me many trips to the doctor. I also have received so many compliments on both the case and the cello (the Harmonie tailpiece is absolutely beautiful). Again, I thank you, and I look forward to doing business with you again! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Viktor D. Mar 2017


I am reporting in, i wanted to wait a bit and goodness, what a powerhouse! But so sweet, all at the same time. She has a complexity like the Ruggeri, but so very different..a more forward sound. And easy to play as the day is long, like butter. She feels right to me, although i have to sit a little differently because she's broad in the beam on the bottom. Lots of air volume. I play her for lessons, too, and there is no cello that can exceed her in quality and sound, and certainly not my two. It is unbelievable to me that after all these years and all the hopes and dreams, i could have such a beautiful instrument. The wood is amazing, the varnish is very wonderful...I think she is varnished a little better than the Ruggeri, it is more consistent in tone and depth. Plus the wood on the front makes folks who play look and say "wow". Literally... I got a Wow!

You were right in your description of "a sandy young cello", and she was that, for a while, with a very strong stuttery wolf on the F#. The Bam case was such a tight fit, I though maybe she was getting too squeezed, so now she sits in the moving closet - the bobelock oversize I have. Much better fit. Then I went to research wolf suppressors to see if there had been any new discoveries, and what did the search bring up but you talking about the new harmony ones and the distance from the bridge one should place the suppressor for each wolfy note. So there we are now, tape measure and dish towel later, all gone, Linda, all gone. It slid from the F# to the E and I adjusted, and bingo, it worked. I remembered what you had written when we were having trouble with the Dunov, about the after string length being the same pitch as the wolfy note, but I wanted to try just a simple measurement first.


We are settling in and getting used to each other, but having such a cello is a game changer for me. This is a huge step to a dream coming true, even later in my life, which feels as if it is starting again. I am calling her either Rosamunde, or Rosalinda, in honor of you, as you made this year's long dream a reality.

I still look at your website every day... thank you so much, and thank you for bring so open and forthright with information, too. That is huge. I learn a lot just by reading all the copy. For everything!

Have a wonderful weekend...
Your very happy cello player,

Jan, 2017 (Jan decided on a Dimbath/Gill X5 Gofriller) see our video on adjusting a wolf suppressor

As always, my shopping and repairs experience with Linda West were outstanding. I left her studio happy with an excellent and speedy repair and a beautiful cello bib.

Christy, 2017

Linda West is undoubtedly, unequivocally, and unparalleled in cello sales

Being in Montana, there is literally no violin or cello shops other than laminate cellos. After doing research and reading her mass reviews Linda West is undoubtedly, unequivocally, and unparalleled in cello sales. She assisted me in trading in one of my Eastman 305 cellos. I ended up purchasing the Jonathan Li 503 Montagnana cello from her. Linda's reviews really don't explain quite HOW good she is! I purchased my first cello back in 2003 (14 years ago). I was told expensive is always better earlier on by another cello dealer, however, while the salesman neglected crucial variables such as the bow, the bridge, and the strings. Linda bestowed a wealth of knowledge upon me. Firstly by selecting a cello that sounded like Yo-Yo Ma's cello from Obrigado Brazil (His Montagnana Cello "Petunia"), something that projected well, was boomy, and sweet, without being muddy. We selected the Jonathan li over a $13,000 cello. Her approach is playability, sound, and overall personality of the cello versus strictly cost. A true sentiment and appreciation from any standpoint.

Furthermore, Linda literally, at least to my knowledge doesn't sleep. She texted me when the end of the world was happening in Santa Barbra while it was flooding. She has such a fantastic selection of bows ranging from $200 - $3500. She told me there is a particular balance to match a bow with a cello. Similarly to Harry Potter matching himself with his wand. I guess my "petunia" found her wand, which was an Arcos bow. From then, she did a custom set up with a Belgium bridge. Which really brought the true colors of the cello to life. She then set it up with various strings to accommodate what I wanted to accomplish with the cello. She really understood my pickiness and was attentive, yet realistic in her approach with me, which I really, really and unconditionally appreciate. We then selected the Bam 4.4 Hi-Tech case for the lower more wider bouts of the Montagnana cello.

Linda not only is passionate about her work, but exceptionally knowledge. She is a breadth of fresh air in regards to sales. I speak from experience being one of the top salesman in the US for Subaru. She really out did herself. These cellos are a part of her. Not a monetary piece of wood. She truly understands and wants her customers to have ZERO buyers remorse. There are many places to choose a cello from, however, Linda is right on par with the GSI (Guitar Salon International) where I purchased my guitar from, and they're internationally regarded as the BEST place to buy guitars. The same treatment I received from GSI, Linda was able to outdo them. Which I find hard to believe, but seeing that it happened, I guess you can believe it now. Thank you Linda for your exceptional customer service and services offered to the Cello community. May you have continued success in your company as you so very much deserve it.

Thank you,
Clint, Feb, 2017

Impeccable costumer service! Linda spent the time to insure that I selected the perfect cello and bow to fit my size and ability. Her professionalism and expertise were phenomenal. I would highly recommend Linda West cellos to anyone looking to rent, purchase and service cellos.

Deann, Jan, 2017

Such a great experience. Linda has so much knowledge and expertise. She helped me pick out the perfect cello for me. Super friendly and helpful. It was a 4 hour round trip drive, but totally worth it. I honestly couldn't stop smiling on my drive home. Will definitely go back when I need an upgrade :)


Clinton, Dec 2016

Hi Linda,

Thank you again for helping me with the Schertler pickup. I performed my first show with it over the weekend and it sounds wonderful!

Patrick, Sept, 2016

Thank you Linda for rehairing & new tip on my bows. The new cello case is fantastic & lightwith wheels helping me to be more independent. I will not hesitate to return for your expertise.


You are appreciated.
Susan, August 2016


I just wanted to let you know that the Juzek and I are settling in just fine. It's a good fit for me. It's very responsive and quite easy to play. I had not yet played magnacore strings, so i'm finding it an absorbing experience.

Thanks very much for the great service (and amazing packing job!)

Kindest Regards,
Tandum, June 2016 ("Hi Tandum, So nice to hear that Juzek found a new cellist. I play Magnacores on my cello, they are fantastic! ~Enjoy! Linda")

Hi Linda!!

Thank you very much for the cello. We went and picked it up today at our local Fedex facility. It came in amazing condition; very secure and safe. The cello is so beautiful, even more so in real life! After some practice with it, I will send you some videos. Thanks so much, you're the best!!

Insook, Oman, June 2016 (Insook purchased a 1905 Fredrich Ernst cello that we had in the shop on consignment and we successfully shipped it all the way to Oman!)

Hi Linda,

The bow arrived safe and sound. I absolutely love it and wow my work is made much easier. Smoother bow changes and much easier to control. Some mess ups I was getting in the left hand are solved by not worrying if the bow will hold up. Thank you so much. I'm delighted. I like the rosin too. I've tried a few over the years but the one you have on the rehair is pretty nice.

Thank you again for doing such a great job.
Sharon, June, 2015 (We prime all our rehairs with Salchow rosin.)

I've had student instruments repaired by Linda (and Co.) as well as purchased new and used cellos from her for 10+ years, and these have always been pleasant and successful dealings. I have no hesitation trusting her recommendations and have consistently referred family, students, and friends to her. Now my son (who is a pro) and young grandson enjoy her artistry and cellos as well, so we're three generations of confirmed Linda West fans.

Thank you, Linda!

Gogi, 2016

Hi Linda,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the cello. I hadn't planned on comparing two cellos, but another vendor, when he heard that I had already purchased one, wanted to send me one to compare. Yours is hands down the better instrumentand I couldn't be happier knowing that I will have such a quality instrument for years to come. I can't imagine that I will ever "outgrow" it given that I'm taking up cello seriously as I retire, but you can know that if I do, I will certainly be a return customer. Is there anyway that I could order a few more cloths?

Cynthia S, May 2016

The shipping of my S3 Musilia case was extremely prompt. The case arrived safely and in a well protected fashion. It is exactly as described and is an absolute dream in terms of lightness. The video comparing the Bam Hitech and Musilia cases was very helpful leading up to the purchase of my Musilia case - it was very informative and comprehensive. Despite the fact that I was not able to see the case in person before purchasing due to my geographic location, I felt confident in what to expect based on the video tutorial. For anyone searching for personalized, prompt and reliable customer service in shopping for an instrument or case, I would highly recommend Linda's services!

Bree, May 2016


I wanted to follow up and provide a customer review you can post on your website. First of all, this is now the fourth cello we have obtained from you, and the process itself has been a pleasure from the start (with our original 1/10th Eastman model). Your site gives the following description for the model we just purchased (Ivan Dunov VC401 1/2): "Rich and dark sounding cello for the young, yet dedicated cellist; this cello is one they will actually look forward to playing which will encourage longer practice sessions." Your description is entirely accurate and "right on the money!" The cello itself is beautiful, and its tone is rich and rewarding. And, indeed, my daughter wants to wake up early in the morning to find more time in the day to practice. She has never been as excited about playing and practicing as she is with this cello. According to her, "it is so easy to play, it almost plays itself!" Thanks for everything.

Laura L.



A request of another cello dealer produced a rebuttal that recordings of cellos are not accurate enough to represent a particular cello with the argument that when the player gets the cello in their hands, everything changes. I will be the first to concede that every instrument has a particular feel, and sound. However, the sounds that I find most appealing are usually heard – yes, that’s right - on recordings. Further, though I find from recordings that I either like or don’t like the sound, I don’t get a clue of what it feels like to play that cello. Recordings do have their own color, but recordings made and listened to with appropriate equipment can be very accurate. A photograph of an instrument does not give me even a hint of what the instrument sounds like. After all, music is sound. By listening to the recordings of Linda’s cellos, I found some cellos whose sound I did not care for, but that’s only my preference. There were some cellos that were closer to what I do prefer and there were those whose sound were exactly what I listen for. I’d say that narrows the field quite a bit in deciding which cello or cellos I want to consider. Add the design, cost, appointments, perhaps the color, and you’re well on your way to finding the right instrument for you. Judging by the testimonials on Linda’s website, I feel confident that she is as steadfast in insisting the recordings be as accurate as possible, as she is in all other aspects of her business. The generous fourteen-day trial period gives you an option if the sound, and maybe more likely the feel, of the instrument is not quite what you were expecting or hoping for. Having received my new cello, I found it to be almost exactly the sound I heard on the recording. Additionally, Linda offers various ratings for her instruments, such as “Easy,” by which she indicates that the instrument is Easy to play. I’ve had four cellos, previously, and my new Antonio Fiorini is by far the easiest to play of them all, which leads me to believe that Linda has a genuine understanding and feel for the instruments she sells. Then there’s the expedience of filling my order. Linda did not just pack up the cello and send it. She researched the relative humidity in my area so she could set up the cello to best advantage. She then did work on the fingerboard to get it to where her experience told her it should be. This is service above and beyond the norm. Extra work done, Linda packaged the cello to withstand the trip to my house and I had it in five days from the day I ordered it. My conclusion is to offer a sincere thank you to Linda for providing these aids in selecting an instrument, and exemplary service for all of us out-of-towners. I’m quite sure her local customers are equally as impressed. Whether it’s myself, or someone that I recommend, we’ll do business in the future. Thanks, Linda, and congratulations on your first, successful ten years in business. May you enjoy many, many more.

Dana, April 2016 (Dana purchased a Antonio Fiorini 'Stradivari' )



Many many thanks for my new cello! I ordered this as a rank beginner and you expertly helped me pick a perfect cello from the opposite side of the country and sight unseen at that. The tone rocks, it's full and very loud. Looking forward to many years learning with this cello. Thanks for such AMAZING service and guidance

Ken D, April 2016 (Ken purchased a Calin Wultur Model #7 'Montagnana')

Hi Linda,

Thank you for sending the Adjustrite chair and all the other pieces. Lovely products and I am so happy to have them--they have already made my playing more enjoyable and proficient. It has been a pleasure to order from you and your company.

Kind regards,
Lori P. March 2016

Hi Linda,

My cello arrived home yesterday and I am amazed at the depth and quality of sound. You made this instrument lively, and with balance it never had. It now sings with life and enthusiasm and seems to have a spirit that wants to play. A few days ago as you were finishing the work on the cello you spoke to me regarding "the wonderful resonance the cello possesses" that was only after you worked on the instrument . . . Your talent and artistry is nothing short of amazing. As a retired band teacher my instruments are very much an extension of myself and when playing they sound as I feel, happy, sad, excited . . . Today as I played I felt my cello as a part of me, I could feel it breath, sing and for the first time really enjoy the music it was producing. Linda I can't thank you enough for what have done for me and the cello. You are a true "Artist" Thank You!

My best always,
Richard Chapman, Cody, Wyoming Feb. 23, 2016 (Richard sent his cello in for expert setup by Linda)

Linda, I've only had my Krutz for a few days and I couldn't be happier!Thank you for listening to what I was looking for in a cello and making a wonderful recommendation. Your ad noted "Big Booming voice! Warm and easy to play." That is exactly what I was looking for and you nailed it! I'm still a beginning student but, even with my unskilled hands, the qualities of tone and power still come out. Tonight was the first time my instructor had opportunity to see my new cello. She was immediately taken with the beauty and set up of the instrument. When she played it, oh my goodness, the room filled with wonderful and powerful music! I didn't want her to stop but we had to get on to the lesson at hand. My cello is beautiful, powerful and fits just right.

Thank you very much!

Gene, Greensboro, NC Feb 2016

Can't believe it arrived two-days early. My new Century Strings KF390 Flight Case w/ Wheels. It's perfect!! It's much lighter than I was expecting with lots of adjustable pads to create that custom snug cushion fit. And the wheels are not those hard plastic type that shake and rattle while transmitting all the vibrations up through the case but rather soft rubber type offering a smooth, quite ride for your cello. A true heavy duty travel case that's light enough for everyday use. From Linda's store to my apartment in Okinawa Japan in just five days. Great service.

Thank you Linda,

Scott, Feb 2016, Okinawa, Japan

Hi, Linda-

Thanks again for an amazing experience helping Eli chose a cello that was right for him. He's still next door playing it for his grandparents with a big smile on his face. I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciated the welcoming atmosphere of your studio and, most importantly, the help you and Maya provided with Eli's selection. It was a joy to watch the process and I'm sure he'll be happy playing for years to come.

Cade, Dec 2015 (Eli scored a Revelle model 850 - 4/4 Cello)

My new cello arrived today!! It was so well packaged, the bridge was perfectly protected and the bow was even ready to go with rosin on it....amazing!! I am so impressed with how effortless and stress free you have made this experience.

Thank you so much Linda.

Warm regards, Lynn, FL Dec 2015 (Lynn purchased a Vivo Prelude, which was shipping from California to Florida. We have shipped cellos successfully all over the world: New Zealand, Dubai, Mexico, Japan, etc.)

I am so grateful that Linda West is near and that she specializes in cellos and can and will gladly assist me in with any cello problems or purchases. She is always prompt and friendly and knowledgeable and most important she solves whatever cello issue I may have.

Christy, Oct 2015

My old fiddle is much easier to play after your setup.Thanks for noticing the fingerboard and body repairs that were needed. You were very helpful and responsive.

Phi,l Oct 2015

Linda and Anne, My new Lombardi 502 arrived today!!!!! I'm speechless-- it's so beautiful I just want to sit and hold it. It plays effortlessly, smoothly and literally sings to my soul with each note. I'm in love. The bow and the case you picked out are perfect. Blue is my favorite color and the bow feels like it is caressing the strings. Thank you so much for making it possible and guiding me to it. The entire buying process literally conducted from WV to your shop via the internet was fantastic. I will highly and energetically recommend you to anyone that wants to deal with someone that is knowledgeable, caring and more interested in the needs of the customer than the almighty dollar.You are both GREAT and it was my pleasure to do business with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Rick Snider, Oct 2015

Hello Linda,

The cello arrived this morning. To get right to the point, this fine instrument exceeded my expectations in every way possible. First the packing. If I lived at the Southern tip of Argentina, and it were traveling by mule, I still believe the cello would have arrived safely. I really appreciate the double boxing, extensive custom-made packing, and warning stickers on every surface. When I saw that the box was pristine and undamaged, I knew the cello would be perfect.

The cello itself is a marvel. The sound is exactly as you described it, and your sound sample did it justice. It's open and mellow, and this is with new Kaplan strings that will take a few weeks to properly break in. As the instrument ages the sound will only get better and better.

It's very clear to me that cellos are more than a business for you. They are also a passion. The care you take with every detail shows that you have a high level of knowledge and precision.

If or when I outgrow this Krutz, guess where I will be buying my next

Thanks again for the support and sharing your knowledge.

All the best,

Joe R. South Burlington, Vermont, Sept 2015 (Joe purchased a Krutz 300)


The cello arrived this morning, during overcast, cool weather. The cello is exactly as shown on your website. The description, pics and sound recording were all accurate (the recording was what sold me on this instrument - most instrument sites don't have recordings!). Buying online is risky, but with accurate photos and recordings (huge advantage you have over other sites), the risk is minimized. The silver case is quite appealing too. Overall, I am happy with this purchase! Best wishes for continuing success!

Wayne, Aug 2015 (Wayne purchased a CL Wynn model 520 Strad. Wayne lives in AZ and was concerned about the finish being damaged while in transit in hot weather. We took some extra precautions in our packaging to ensure nothing like that would happen.)

Hi Linda,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know my son LOVES his new K4 Camo case from Eastman. It is absolutely perfect. It is manly and handsome, light and easy to carry, and the foam blocks for the bow are a perfect addition.

We really appreciate you working with us to get the perfect case. Thanks for all your efforts.

Michelle Lombardi, Aug 2015

I had an early Christmas, my cello chair arrived today. Using the right chair does make a difference.Before I was using your standard folding chair and I never felt comfortable which translated to being dissatisfied with my practice time. Those days are gone forever 😀 Thank you Linda for taking the extra time to ensure my chair would arrive undamaged. GREAT service!!!!!

Scott, July 2015

Linda, thanks so much for a terrific experience with my cello purchase.As a petite and slightly older adult, I really needed a good 3/4, and was afraid this would mean a tradeoff for quality sound. But you had a fabulous 3/4 with full sound. It is also beautifully flamed. Thank you for spending 2 hours with me, letting me try out a variety of cellos. Thanks for your excellent, no pressure suggestions: The bow and case upgrades you recommended were perfect. I now have a cello that I love, and a bow and case that are well adapted for my needs. There is just so much good to say -- your timely response to emails, your patience while I tried out several cellos, your generosity in giving me a very good price on upgrades. You are a good vibration in the cello world!

Wendy, July 2015 (Wendy purchase a Scott Cao 750 3/4 size)

Linda, The flight case arrived this morning. You saved us!!!!!


Thanks so much!!! David (David needed a flight case QUICK!)

Dear Linda,

Helen is so happy with her new cello. Her teacher was so pleased to see an Eastman 100 so nicely prepared. Thank you so much!
Best, Prisca June 2015

Linda and Randy, I couldn't wait to get home from work today to try out my new "baby." Linda, she definitely is fun to play and just so much easier to find the notes than I could with my previous rental. Thank you for the tips, the "Hawaii 5-0" smoothie, the bow repair lessons, but most of all, thank you for your time yesterday. It is obvious that you both care about your clients and your workmanship.

Best, Cecilia, 2015 - Cecilia purchased a Howard Core Select 'Rocca' 4/4 Cello


Hi Linda I have been meaning to send you feedback on the cello I bought, but have been having so much fun playing it that I haven't found time to write! I played classical guitar for 7 years, but have always wanted to play the cello. I spent a lot of time going to shops to look at cellos and looking online too. Once i visited your website, I knew this is where I would find the cello I wanted. Friends recommended I not buy one online because I might not be satisfied with the purchase or it would not be as advertised. Once I saw the Vivo Mirecourt "Strad" 4/4 cello, I knew it would be the one for me. My cello teacher has remarked a few times on the beautiful sound it makes and how nice it is in general. She said I chose well. It arrived well packed and in perfect condition. I also love the bow and the hard case. I am incredibly happy with the whole buying experience!I have already been back to buy a back-up bow and have recommended you to a friend who is looking to buy a cello.

Thank you, Wendy May 2015

Dear Linda, Thank you so much for all of your help in helping me pick a cello. I had tried every cello available in Anchorage, but couldn't find what I wanted. The idea of buying a cello online from Alaska was daunting. Since I just started playing at age 52, with musical but not string experience, I had some sense of what I wanted, despite the fact that I can't produce the sound I desire. I was a "high maintenance" customer, I fear, but now a very satisfied one. I love my beautiful cello and my cherry red case. If and when I reach enough mastery of the instrument to deserve something more, you will find me on your doorstep, cello in hand, and I will pick from the even more lovely cellos that you treasure.

Thanks! Bonnie May 2015 (Bonnie purchased an Eastman 504)

Hello Linda, Thanks so much for the quick, on time shipment. We received Cello Lupot on Friday just before my daughter’s concert. The cello, bow, and case in excellent condition as it was well packaged - was able to play right away. I’m lucky to find a good cello deal from Linda West. It is hard to believe an online business that not only gives such personal care, reliability and even professional expertise.My daughter’s feedback: - Easy to play & beautiful tone. Couldn't find anything wrong with it. Played for about 4 days and likes it a lot - Teacher likes the instrument - Endpin is really good quality - Teacher would like bridge to be a little lower to allow for easier playing in higher positions -

HIGHLY recommend Linda West.

Patrick, April 2015

I'm an average-sized woman, but I have a very small finger span and was frustrated with the full-sized cello I was currently using. I bought it in 2002, but waited until this year to pursue lessons. After several emails with Linda, she steered me to the Scott Cao copy of the G. B. Guadagnini 1777 cello. I received it today after waiting one of the LONGEST weeks ever (it actually only took 5 days from CA to NC). I have to say, this cello is beautiful. It's so beautiful, I want to cry. I took it out of the shipping carton and the Eastman case, did a little bit of fine-tuning, and was playing all the songs in the Suzuki book that I have learned since January. I am so pleased and so excited. I would HIGHLY recommend Linda. Matter of fact, I WILL highly recommend her. Thank you, Linda.


Nancye, April 2015

Hello Linda, I am so happy I decided to buy a cello outfit from you. You listened to what I wanted and I think found the best sounding, best value cello I could get bar none. Thank you for talking me into the used Vivo Zetoni 200. It is beautiful, sounds better than my old StringWorks Maestro cello and what a value having a hybrid bow and Eastman hardshell on wheels. If I ever upgrade, and I doubt I will, I will buy from you again. I am just that happy with the purchase.

Thank you again, My best,

Wayne, March 2015

Hello Linda:

Caitlin received her cello case on Wednesday. She was excited to see ALL the repairs and improvements you made. It's better than new! And your getting the work done on it quickly and the case shipped back out next day as promised is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your help,

Lea & Caitlin March, 2015

I am a beginner and had been looking and comparing cellos for a while. I kept coming back to look at the Knilling Summit Deluxe and finally decided to go for it. It's a beautiful cello and I love the sound! It's probably a bit more than what I need as a beginner, but I love it and am happy I went with a cello that I think is so pretty. It sounds strange, maybe, but I didn't want to buy just any cello - I wanted to enjoy all aspects of it from the start, including the looks and sound. I'm glad I went for it and bought it online. It was an intimidating order, but I'm so pleased that I did this! I liked Linda West's website for the in-depth description of her cellos, including the dimensions and the sound demos. This really helped me to feel more comfortable in purchasing. A $2000, online purchase is scary - her descriptions helped immensely! Plus the 14-day trial period was a good safety net as well. I feel, after looking high and low at cellos, that the price I paid is very fair for the quality of cello I now own. I'm very happy and will recommend Linda's website to anyone looking for a good instrument.I can, if ever I wanted, trade in my cello toward another. This is a nice bonus, although I love my cello and plan to keep her for a long time. :)

Thank you, Amy March 2015

Linda, I so appreciate your methodology, for all of the string stores before I had trouble separating the options. Plus, such an inventory. My husband and I were very tickled on the picking of a bow. Played a concert tonight with the new set up, the sound is very nice, very responsive as well. I've recommended you to the other cellists.

Rita Feb 2015 (purchased an Andreas Eastman 605 Strad cello & Arcos Brasil silver special Edition bow)

Dear Linda I am writing to thank you for your informative video on how to repair a seam. If it wasn't for your online help and expert advice I wouldn't have been able to repair the seam in my viola, in time for some quartets next week. Although I am a first study violinist, I find the cost of maintaining both instruments a bit of a strain, so a little bit of DIY with your advice and demonstration has saved me two 60-mile round trips and quite a bit of money. I was also reassured to know that the seam opening is not so serious as might be thought at first, given the instrument's need to flex. With very many thanks Linda Fowler, Worcestershire Video on Seam Repair


Linda, We had the most wonderful experience working with you and found just the right cello for Charlie. He truly enjoyed meeting you and hasn't stopped talking about how much he loves his new instrument! Thank you so much for giving us your advice and sharing your expertise. It made the process of selecting the cello so much easier. You really got a sense of his playing and took such care to direct us to the instrument that truly suited him the best. Charlie takes such pride in playing the new cello, and it's beautiful tone is incredibly motivating for him to work even harder to improve his music. It will be great to see you again when he grows a little more for the next size up!


Take care, Jennifer

Leave it to an expert!

Hi 'celli! I want to share my error and my revelation. I thought it was time for new strings on my cello. I purchased on line the "best strings" (and the most expensive). I played two events with them and something was horribly wrong; false stuttering sounds especially in the fourth position. I was fighting with the instrument just to make an acceptable sound. I tried everything even including less rosin, more rosin, and several kinds of tubing dampers at the bridge.

In frustration I took it to LInda West, described the symptoms and played for her. Within minutes she changed out my strings to three different brands and types best suited for my particular cello which is a very common German instrument.

Now each string wants to "speak" with very little effort and they are smooth and cohesive across the strings and most importantly all in the same voice. Now I can no longer blame the cello. You can tell—I'm very excited with my new cello. It's a whole new pleasure.


I wanted to thank you once again for a seamless purchase of a cello from you. This is my third cello that I have purchased from Linda West, one for my daughter and two for myself. I am located on the East Coast and I felt as if I was in her shop when speaking about what cello to purchase. Each cello came carefully packed and played wonderfully as described. I would highly recommend you purchase your next cello from Linda!


Hi Linda,
Thanks again for the same day service and all the assistance! You're a lifesaver.:-) Have a great week!

All the best,
Mark (Mark broke his bridge and needed a rush bridge replacement)

It has been a pleasure to deal with Linda West Cellos. It is rare to find a business that not only gives such personal attention and care, but is willing to share the expertise that makes their work so excellent. Linda tries to keep the costs reasonable while still charging enough to cover her hard work and pay for her knowledge and skills. I live in Utah, but will travel wherever it takes to obtain this kind of service.


Hello Linda,

The greater dynamic range with these strings, and the immediate response to a more nuanced bow technique, has opened a new window for me. The bow is performing well too. Played 2.5 hours Sunday and 3 hours yesterday per my luthiers instructions. It was great to see you again. Thank you for your excellent work.

Cynthia (Cynthia purchased Passione strings for her cello and had her bow rehaired at

Hi Linda,

I wanted to thank you for providing the seam repair kit and the instructional video I found on YouTube on cello seam repair.

I had a student using a cello last year that had two large and one smaller seams separate on the top of his cello. We were always wondering if playing it would cause more damage. I was having trouble finding the correct glue and taking it to the local luthier was going to be costly.

I repair band instruments on a part time basis, so I don't mind getting dirty in order to make things work again. I saw several videos on YouTube about string instrument repair. Your video on seam repair made it seem very doable.

The seam repair kit was exactly what I was looking for. I fabricated another dozen clamps, did a little scraping in the open seams, warmed up the glue, applied it, clamped it, and cleaned up the extra that squeezed out. The next day it looked like new. All three open seams are very solid now.

Your video and repair kitwere very helpful. Thank you!

Jim Schulder
Band Director
Apple Valley Christian School
Apple Valley, CA

~Awesome! Thanks for doing your homework and doing a repair that is best for the instrument and also the luthiers who may need to work on it in the future. Remember all instrument repairs should be reversible. Hide glue allows for successful future repairs. ~ Linda

Linda, As you may recall I named my Calin Wultur cello, "Dulcinea", or more precisely "Dulcinea de la Montagnana" I just completed painting the associated mural on her case. As you know Dulcinea was the imaginary heroine of the Don Quixote novel, thus the tie to him and the knight charging the windmill. I also took the liberty of elevating her from a peasant farm girl so she could be playing a cello. Really like my Calin Wultur. I also recently purchased a Yamaha electric "silent" to take camping, travel, etc. instead of taking Dulcinea. Fortunately she's not the jealous type.



Ron (Ron purchased a Calin Wultur 'Montagnana' Model #6 Cello)

The cello is like a glowing love ember in my was way cool spending time with you and Randy, my visit and the day was amazing and fluid, overall really inspiring... I fully appreciate all the time spent going over the instruments and bows, the whole thing was pretty amazing to me.


(Harjis purchased a Vivo 'Zetoni' model 200 'Stradivari' 4/4 Cello)

Hi Linda,

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE my cello and I have to force myself to put it down when it's time to do things like sleep and feed my kids. It has been an absolute joy to play this past month. I've taken it to several irish sessions, and I have my first two gigs with it (one classical, one irish) next weekend. Thank you for all your help and guidance in selecting an instrument. I couldn't be happier.

Very sincerely,
Jen ~ June 2014 (Jen purchased a used, unlabeled Chinese cello)

Ariana slept soundly in her new home last night…woke up full of life and sound this morning…nice :)

Larry, June 2014 (Larry purchased a new model, the Vivo 'Arianna Superior')


Just wanted to let you know that the cello made made it safe and sound. I'm absolutely enjoying it! It already has a bunch of hours on it. Sounds great! It was great working with you. I'll be back for strings etc. in the future. Thanks for everything.

Take care,
Nate, June 2014 (Nate purchased a Vivo Mirecourt)

Linda was pleasure to work with on the purchase of my cello! I had complete confidence with doing business with her. I’ve had the cello (Eastman VC405 Monty) about a week now, and I absolutely love it. I got a great deal on the case/bow outfit (including options). Thanks for being a part of making my dream of owning a cello come true!

Brian, April 2014

Thank you so much for the quick, last minute help with my bow!You guys are great! Love and appreciate your work! Dan, March 2014


Linda, You can go ahead and mark this cello as sold!We received the instrument, bow, and case in excellent condition as it was well packaged. Thank you so much for your assistance in obtaining a beautiful cello for my son's college endeavors. He will be attending Appalachian State University's School of Music pursuing a degree in Music Therapy.

I must say, I wish all businesses were run with as much passion, care, and reliability as yours. From the web site, to answering my questions at all hours of the day, to shipping and receiving a quality product that sounded wonderful right out of the box. It has been a true pleasure to do business with you! If anyone ever is looking for a cello, I will certainly recommend your shop!

Thanks Again,
Shane, April 2014 (Shane purchased a Rudolph Doetsch 701 'Guarnarius de Gesu' 4/4 Cello with case and bow)

Just received the Eastman 405 for my daughter today. Linda was very helpful and easy to work with during the purchasing process. Couldn't ask for better customer service. The heart shaped pegs were a nice touch, my daughter loves them! The cello arrived at 9:15 this morning while my daughter was at school, and of course I had to take it out and give it a shot. I play guitar, but not cello. Sounded awful in my hands :D. My daughter arrived home, and she quickly obsessed over her new instrument. She auditioned it for me along side her old rental. Wow. Night and day difference. She's pleased as punch with her new instrument. Price? We've been renting her old cello from a local shop for sometime, and the local shop was giving us nearly $800 credit towards the purchase of the same model cello. After a frustrating time dealing with unhelpful sales people who seemed hell bent on ripping me off even after the "discount", I discovered Linda and decided to take a chance on her website after reading all the glowing reviews, as well as Linda's activity in Cello forums. In the end, even with the discount I got at the local shop, I ended up getting a FAR better deal with Linda, not to mention I feel like she cared more about getting my daughter a well setup quality instrument than she did the bottom line. This place is a breath of fresh air, and I would definitely recommend Linda for anyone looking to purchase a cello.

Jake, April 2014 (Jake purchase an Eastman 405 Stradivari with an Arcos Brasil Nickel bow and a Z-tek case)

Linda, Thank you for everything you have done for me. I love my new Dimbath/ Gill X5 Master Soloist. I never dreamed I would own such an incredible sounding and beautiful cello. It wouldn't have happened without you!!

Mike, 2014

Upon first visiting Linda’s website, I listened to all the recordings of her cellos while pouring over photos of pretty spruce and maple. This became a sort of hobby for me when I had some down time. “Hmm, the clothes in the dryer aren’t dry yet? I wonder if Linda West has anything new.” With my history of expensive taste I just knew that someday I’d listen to one of those cellos that cost more than my first car did and I’d fall hopelessly in love, but this one particular (and very reasonably priced) Montagnana… there was something different about it and for the first time in the entire history of my cello stalking I listened to the recording again… and again. Sure it was nice to look at, but the sound of it. Wow!

I decided to contact Linda to discuss cellos in general, but a few conversations later a down payment was made. When that big box came to my front door I was so excited I felt like a bride on her wedding day. My heart was pounding as I carefully opened the case and pulled the cello out. Hair met string and my spirit soared. I had found my voice! I have this saying, “If my soul had a voice it would be the cello.” and this instrument is just that. My Monty sings for me what I cannot express with words. With ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from friends and after a little case fitting adventure (I love the case I ended up with by the way), I couldn’t be happier with this cello. For the first time in my life I actually WANT to practice more!

I wish to express my gratitude to my amazing husband who finances my musical endeavors so selflessly, and to Linda for her kindness, her dedication to what she does (and does so very well), for the time she spent answering my ever-so-many questions, and to the both of them – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it possible for this cellist’s dream to come true! God bless you both!

~ Amanda March 2014 - Andreas Eastman VC605 'Montagnana' 4/4 Cello with Musilia M6 Carbon Fiber Case

You know this color really grows on you. I will just tell people it is a girl cello.

Can a cello be your soul mate? I love playing this cello. Two hours go by and it feels like 30 minutes. It is so expressive, so easy to play, to capture the emotional nuances in the music. My son plays an older more expensive cello but, he also loves the Vivo. All I can say is Vivo Wow! Such a privilege for me to be it's caretaker until I pass it on to another, younger, cellist.

I had a vision of your website 5 years from now: When I click to listen to a cello, a life size hologram of you playing and displaying the cello will appear before me ala Princess Leia in Star Wars. Then instead of shipping me the cello, plans will be sent to my 3D printer for manufacture! Especially now that carbon fiber cellos have taken hold, 3D manufacture would be viable.

Anyway, I have taken enough of your time. Thank you again for everything Linda!

Brett, March 2014 (Brett purchased a Vivo 100 with a Metallic Fuchsia Z-Tek Case)

Linda (AKA Cello Yenta):
I had just one day at home before yet another work trip to connect with my instructor, Marcia Sloane, as she prepared for her string camp next week. There is but one phrase to describe her reaction....PLEASED AS PUNCH!!!

Consider that Guadagnini sold as it has gone to a very good home. It will be well loved and cared for until??? You would be the first to know because if ever I buy another cello, it would from you. Thank you so very much for your integrity, patience and kindness.

Heartfelt thanks,
Dory K, March 2014
Dory purchased a small patterned Scott Cao Guadagnini cello

Dear Linda,
A sincere thank you for taking such good care of my students Bill and Dory. Dory has just stopped by with the cello she brought home from your shop.....the cello plays and sounds great and the smaller instrument size seems to work well for her. And Bill and I along with our spouses had a wonderful few sessions trying out the new cello and then bows for the new cello. I've just seen your helpful videos on your website....will check them out. Thanks again for helping Dory so much on her first sojourn into the world of cellos.

Best wishes,
Marcia Sloane, March 2014

Bill purchased a Bernd Dimbath, Master E-class Ruggeri cello and Dory purchased a small patterned Scott Cao Guadagnini cello

I have just had a deeply satisfying experience choosing a cello, bow (and case!) from Linda West. I initially felt completely overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing a new cello and bow, but Linda guided me through the process with the utmost care, patience and integrity. Her website is absolutely phenomenal, but I am fortunate enough to live right here in Santa Barbara and to have experienced in person her amazing customer service. This enterprise is so clearly a labor of love for her, and we, her customers, are the lucky beneficiaries.


Marian, Feb 2014

Hi Linda,

Just got the Accord Hybrid 7/8 cello case - it is perfect! Took a few days longer due to snowstorms here, but worth the wait. I was using a soft full sized Bobelock case, but the cello slipped around in there and the case was so much bigger than the cello! I will enjoy this, and feel it is better protected against bumps. I am not the most graceful/sure-footed person ever, so this can only help!

Thanks again for all your help - your service was above and beyond!

Jan, Feb 2014

My shopping experience on was excellent! My BAM France 1004XLT was promptly shipped and arrived in perfect condition. I selected this case on Linda's recommendation, and I'm quite satisfied that I did.

Thank you very much, Linda!

John, Jan 2014

I love it I love it I love it!!! Won't be sending this one back. I don't even need my teacher to play sounds awesome compared to my J-H (even with a not-great bow) and is probably the most beautiful inanimate object I have ever seen. The upper positions of the lower strings are to die for.

Can't thank you enough.

Carolyn Dec 2013 -- Carolyn purchased a Dimbath/Gill Master Ruggeri model X7 Cello Ash

I can't tell you how great this Cello has been! It has been a year and your set up has been so superb that I've not had to turn my tuning pegs once in all that time, Just the use of the fine tuners is all that was needed! And it sounds magnificent! Can't thank you enough I recommend you to all.

Chuck, Rhode Island Dec 2013

Hi, Linda. My new case arrived today. It's SO light! I can't believe I've spent the last 15 years lugging my cello around in a case that was so heavy. I think the new case WITH the cello is lighter than the old case WITHOUT the cello!

Thanks for all your advice and insights. I couldn't be happier.

Noel Dec 2013

Hi Linda,
Just got my newly rehaired Bow back late yesterday PM literally just before an important recording session I'm doing in my recording studio with a client. I was using an old, recently rehaired bow I was borrowing for the session, but the tone & action of this one just didn't cut it for some reason. At the beginning of the session, I quickly opened up my new bow & was so impressed (my client as well) with the quality of your rehair job as opposed to others I've seen !

I have always loved my little $200 Rosewood bow. For some reason I've liked the weight, feel & tone of this bow over other more expensive bows I've tried over the years. This bow has been sitting around hairless probably since 1995, just awaiting for the right person to rehair it correctly. I am so glad it was you & I just have to tell you that I've never been more pleased.

Getting my Rosewood bow back from you with such a great rehair job yesterday was like a dear lost old Friend showing up at my door after so many years. Needless to say, the Tone & playablity of my bow saved the day on this difficult Fiddle part I have been trying to record on the other bow. My part came out perfect with the perfect round Tone I've been needing all along.

Many thanks to you once again Linda. You've not only made my Day, but you've saved it as well ! My bow also arrived just in time for my special Carnegie Hall performance on Friday ! LOL . Thank you also for the information on your used refurbished Bows. I'm sure I'll be purchasing one of those from you in the future.

I look forward to continuing business with you, as I am so pleased. You will also most likely be getting more rehairing business from my other Fiddle students as needed. Have a great Day & THANK YOU once again.

Very gratefully,
Jim 2013

Linda, I don't know exactly what you did to my Jean Pierre Lupot, but all I can say is WOW! It is so resonant, round, full, rich, deep and bright somehow at the same time. Two fellow cellists tried it at break time at our last rehearsal and their jaws dropped. It is wonderfully powerful now. I am just ecstatic. I can only hope to improve my playing to the point where I can do justice to this gorgeous instrument, and when I next deserve a reward, I will drive up again and get a bow upgrade. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Martha Nov. 2013 (Martha has a 4/4 Cello Jean-Pierre Lupot 2012)

The bow is Wonderful!

My 1st orchestra rehearsal was last night with my new bow -- it feels so good --- I am very grateful I was put in touch with you to restore my bow -- I started playing again 5 years ago after 50 years (my cello and bow put aside in closets/garage.) I had it repaired for my use when I started playing again, but obviously, they did not have the ability to truly bring it back to its full potential.

I can definitely feel and hear the difference with your tender care.

Thank you!
Susan, Nov 2013

Linda West is a precious find. It is so rare (at least here in New York City) to find a business where one can interact directly with the owner. Linda (or her mom) answers her own phone, so there is someone with whom you can speak. I was somewhat hesitant to purchase expensive instruments online without my instructor playing and evaluative the celli first. The pictures and recordings on her site gave me a very high level of confidence. Dealing with Linda West was a pleasure. When I spoke to her on the phone, I felt that I could trust her. It quickly became clear to me that she cared about her business and customers' satisfaction - indisputably. The 2 beautiful celli I purchased arrived quickly and very nicely packaged, fully intact, and playable right out of their cases. I certainly know that I will be purchasing another one. You can trust this operation. Linda's celli and customer service are really works of art.

Thanks, Linda. May your business grow and prosper.
J M Cruz, Nov. 2013

I wanted to share my wonderful experience with Linda West. First, my 6yo started cello and I was desperately looking for a good 1/8 size at a reasonable price and Linda was more than helpful in finding the perfect Nagoya (Suzuki) cello for us. Being in PA I was so impressed how the cello arrived perfectly and I barely had to even tune it! So it was no brainer when I was looking to finally upgrade my own cello that I asked Linda for her advice. And her responses are so quick and very helpful. I love my Old German cir 1935- 3/4 size (I am slightly shorter than 5ft) and it is such a joy to play and the sound is wonderful! Thank you Linda! My daughter and I enjoy playing duets! When my daughter is ready for the next size, I will be in touch!

Jane, Oct. 2013

I just purchased a cello from Linda that falls within the less expensive range of those that she offers, and yet I cannot imagine anyone receiving more attentiveness than she lavished on me during the decision-making process and on the cello itself. Given the patience and detail with which she responded to my many emails, and the care with which she made adjustments to the cello until it was the best that it could be, one would think I was buying a professional cello and not a "beginners." This cello looks and sounds beautiful, and it has reinvigorated my commitment to learning the instrument. I am already progressing on it in a way that my previous cello didn't allow and I anticipate a happy long relationship with it!

Thanks Linda.

Marsha, Sept 2013
Marsha purchased a Zetoni 200 with added carbon fiber endpin, an Arcos Brasilwood bow, and an Eastman Z-Tek case


The cello got here in perfect condition. It's even in tune. We all enjoyed our visit to your cello shop and certainly were amazed at how Tara took to the larger cello. This cello is so much better sounding who could resist. We can't thank you enough to have found such a nice set-up of 1/2 sized cello with the special pegs, best strings, bow, and case.

Thanks again,

Carole, July 2013

After four months of shopping for my first cello I found Linda West. As a complete novice the choices and decisions had been overwhelming. All of that changed with my first visit to Linda was the expert I needed and now I have a great cello that will carry me through the beginning years and far beyond. My teacher really put it though its paces and it performed wonderfully. She was impressed with everything about it and said its resonance was sweet and robust and the set up was exceptional. This cello and I are going to have great fun together and I'm thrilled with it. Without reservation I recommend Linda. She's a real pro and her service is outstanding.

Thank you Linda!!!!
Becky, proud owner of a new Vivo Zetoni Model 300, Ladies Size cello. June 2013.

Thank you so much for working so quickly with my school system so that I could buy some adjust-rite cello chairs with the grant money I needed to spend before the end of May. The chairs arrived more quickly than I expected, and my students enjoyed using them the last few weeks of school. I look forward to starting the next school year being able to seat my shortest and tallest cellists more comfortably. Thank you Linda for making this happen!

Jane York High Point, NC

Linda - The Dimbath ROCKS! Have been waiting for cello and owner to get acquainted before writing to give you the story.

We got the cello and took it to his lesson. Irma had ALL of her advanced students try it out and raved the entire time. Then she played it for the rest of the lesson. Remarked that she was "concerned" about losing a cello with the sound of the Calin Wultur but she is SO happy to have the Dimbath in the studio. Based on her experience that day (his first with the Dimbath) she decided that he should perform his orchestral solo debut on the Dimbath - it was a bit less than 4 weeks away. Oh - and she decided to have him do his solo adjudication in 2 weeks on it as well.

The Dimbath did him proud on Popper's Gavotte. Thumb position was sweet but present and it spoke so clearly on all of the up bows in the main melody that it floated to the cheap seats without muscling. People in the adjudication warm-up room would stop to listen when he seriously played. His Bach Suite 1 Minuet silenced the room. His competition coach got to hear it for the first time in that warm up (by chance - he was an adjudicator that day) and declared "Oh, my! This is an instrument, isn't it. $45K?) - and I laughed.

So May 19 he's scheduled to solo with an orchestra for the first time in a 600-seat-plus-standing room theater. I will not say he didn't work at it as the Dimbath required more accurate technique and more nuance than he needed to master for the Calin Wultur. It took work for him to understand he had to *play* and not *force* the Dimbath to speak; while he could bully the CV into bending to his will and power, the Dimbath balked sonically at his force vector. Finally, the week of the solo, he's rehearsing with the orchestra repeatedly with Irma coaching in real time and "it" shows up; the Dimbath begins to sing, soaring through and above the orchestra. I wish I could tell you what happened but I don't know - it just kinda wasn't there and then it was. And it didn't leave. May 19 was magical. He's in white tie and tails for the first time. He's got the Dimbath and it is ready. He runs the concerto once during pre-concert rehearsal. His solo is right before intermission. He and his chair come together and the audience is transported. He is FILLING the room with music from the Dimbath. People who have come to see him are tapping me on my shoulder during his performance because they can't believe he's 13. He commands the instrument without bullying it and it responds.

When he's done he gets a 5 minute standing ovation. People I don't know are crying and clapping and congratulating me (as if I had something to do with it). Even Dylan is shocked by the response. And the Dimbath looks great on stage in the lights, I might add. Irma grabbed and hugged me. I asked her if the cello passed muster as I had kept the box to ship it back if it couldn't hold it's own on an acoustic stage with a full orchestra behind it. She shrieked that I could throw the box away. [I wasn't really gonna send it, but I had to tweak her one more time; imp of the perverse].

I'll send pictures and video when I get it. Did I mention he got into some Peabody Conservatory program with the instrument? The evaluator's eyebrows hit his forehead when Dylan laid into the first arpeggio of the Goltermann 4. 'bout near took the mortar out of the cinder blocks of that old building with that low note. It was sch-weeet to experience next to some of the anemic cello sounds heard nearby.

What an incredible instrument! Bernd Dimbath and Linda West NAILED it on this one - great cello, great set-up, great match to the young cellist and a great result! Now of he would only fix the intonation in 6th and 7th position... *sigh... Thanks again - you are a big part of our "free college" program.

Velma Anderson, 2013

(Velma purchased a Bernd Dimbath Master E-class Ruggeri Cello for her son, Dylan from


I love my new cello! I had numerous email conversations with Linda prior to trying a cello. She took the time to understand my needs. Not only did she suggest a 7/8 cello, she also set it up to make it sound the best for me! My teacher tried my cello and didn't realize it was not a full size. He loved the tone and set-up and told me that it was a "good deal"! Linda also tried out bows and sent me a couple to try. I've already recommended her to my friends and if I decide to upgrade, I'm definitely coming back!

Cindy, 2013

(Cindy purchased a 7/8 Gerlach Cello from

i just wanted to drop a small note of thanks to is not easy to purchase a cello unseen, unplayed, and from quite across the country! But Linda was exceptional in her kindness to me and her patience...i would say she is one of the most knowledgeable luthiers i have ever met, and she is very honest and open with her time and knowledge...there are no hidden trade secrets here...i purchased a beautiful cello, played it well past the trial date, and then decided i needed to follow my heart about another instrument ( also one of Linda's) she allowed me to make my upgrade, and as easy as possible...i have been playing cello for many years, and needed something with a rich, full, dark sound for daily playing, teaching lessons, and chamber work...thank you, Linda, for helping me realize a dream...that it IS possible...

(more...) i have to leave another feedback...i know that the Eva Pirazzi strings use this slogan, but i truly am so happy, i can't stop playing! oh my, how i LOVE my new cello...i have not been this happy playing in a long time...i know it is not supposed to be the top of the line super duper knock your socks off cello, but it is everything i have wanted for a long time, superb for chamber playing, and because Linda was forthright in the copy, i was not afraid to ask for please do not hesitate to email or call Linda if you are looking for a cello, ANY cello...her descriptions are right, spot on...thank you!


Jan (Purchased - Wilhelm Klier, Model 702 Guarneri Del Gesu, 4/4 cello from

I wanted to be sure and tell you how happy I've been with the strings you patiently selected for my cello. It has never played easier or sounded better to me. It's very interesting that each of the strings are now a different brand! I had always just assumed that one brand for all four, or at least two and two, would produce a cohesive timbre. It's not only the tone quality (not whiny) but the ease of "speaking" across the strings that is so delightful.

This whole experience reminds me again — that an expert is an expert.

Thank you Linda

M i c h a e l, April, 2013

Linda helped me take a big step up from my previous cello. The process included emails, discussion, and trying several cellos in stock within my price range. There was no pressure, but rather thoughtful answers to my questions. I was able to substantially upgrade my bow to the Arcus M-Series Carbon Bow at the same time. During these four months with the new cello and bow, my playing and sound have evolved and improved. I recommend Linda West Cello often and will return when and if I feel the need to upgrade again.

Bob, April 2013

(Purchased - 4/4 Snow PC 800 cello, Montagnana)

I have purchased a fine cello and two bows, strings, a case and accessories from Linda West. Linda is knowledgeable, her prices are excellent, her inventory is extensive and her personalized customer service is the best. A couple of years ago Linda accepted my Rumano Solano cello on trade in exchange for a new Wojciechowski Guadagnini model cello that I love. Paired with my Arcos Brasil Lima Special Edition bow, it has a lovely, rich and warm sound. For superb, individual, caring customer service, whether via email or in person, Linda West can't be beat. I highly recommend her for all my cello purchases.

Judith, Sept 2011

(Purchased - Arcos Brasil Bow, a Wojciechowski cello, strings, bow case, Coda Bow)

Incredible deal on the Eastman Z-tec Deluxe case, arrived at my door in 4 days!!! Case is very well made and should serve me well for years to come.

David, April 2013

(Purchased - Eastman Case)

I am very pleased with my dealings with Linda West. Fast response, excellent advice, great prices.

Mark, 2009

(Purchased - Eastman 605 7/8 size cello)

The cello, bow and case came quickly in excellent shape. We could not have made a better purchase for the price. Our cello teacher was very impressed with the set up, sound and quality of the cello. Our son loves playing it because of the deep, rich sound. Linda West made it affordable for us to purchase a better cello set up than we could any where else.

Dana, 2012

(Purchased - Antonio Bazzini "Special")

I just wanted to give some feedback about Linda and her website. I'm an American living in Japan, and wanted to buy my son a violin. Here in Japan, violins are more than twice the price as in the states. I wanted to find a company that would take care of packing up a violin, and shipping it to Japan all in time for Christmas morning. I found on the internet. I talked to Linda and she did everything to get the violin to me on time. On Christmas Eve the violin arrived nicely packed and in perfect condition. She went out of her way to accommodate me, and Christmas morning, my son got his violin from Santa. Great, fast service. I definitely recommend

Thanks Linda,

J. Pate
Fukuoka, Japan

It’s hard to explain just how great this cello sounds! It has really opened up after less than a year. Nobody that I play with has an instrument that comes close. Mine has a bigger sound and quicker response. I am extremely pleased! Thank you for bringing my dream within my reach. Charles Cunningham
Charles Cunningham

(Charles purchased a Paesold model 611, Professional grade, 4/4 cello)


Linda really understands cellos, musicians, and the relationship between them. She made my cello 100x better than it was when I brought it to her by taking the time to help me find the right bow and tweak the setup a little. She also offered me a couple of great recommendations for teachers in the area.

I won't even look anywhere else for anything else cello-related. ... If you live anywhere near Santa Barbara, see her for anything cello-related.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Dec 2012

Hi Linda,

"The Chair" is quite amazing! No combination of cushions, my special orthopedic, nor "cush-tush", nor any other was able to make me so comfortable. Being a senior citizen, with arthritis in my pelvis, and subject to back spasms, I've had to be very careful about how I sit. When playing my viola, the special orthopedic cushion works fine. Not so fine with the cello. So then I bought the "cush-tush". Better, not great. My teacher says I'm sitting correctly. And I do my stretches. But this chair makes a huge difference! I frankly didn't imagine it would really feel much different than my collection of cushions. But I decided to splurge on it with your sale plus free shipping. (I figured the folding chair made more sense for shipping more than half-way cross the country). My cello practice sessions yesterday totaled more than 3 hours.... with no problems (well, except musical ones). And I woke up today perfectly fine! Just came home from my lesson. My back is still fine. I'll be able to practice today too. What a wonderful Christmas surprise this chair has been. Thank you for your sale and free shipping, I never would have done it otherwise. Thank you thank you.

Dec 2012

note: Ingrid purchased the AdustRite Cello Chair

Hi Linda,

I just want to let you know how happy & excited my teacher was after he played this cello. It sounds wonderful! And it is exactly how you described it at your website, if not more. I am so excited about this cello, I can't wait to practice with it everyday! I am so glad I overspent on my budget and invested in a better instrument, because I really don't think I would need any upgrade anytime soon.

Shipping was fast and packing was excellent as I have mentioned in my last email. It only needed very little tuning. The Eastman case is actually not too heavy. With the wheels, I don't think there would be any problems for my back. I can't be happier! Thanks for your help again.

I would have no reservation to recommend you to any of the friends in Canada to shop from you. You really had made it much easier to shop online!

Patricia from Toronto 2012

I have been going to Linda West for years now. She has tended to all my violin needs for several years. Even now, despite the fact that I perform abroad and teach as Professor of Violin in "El Sistema" and at the "Mozarteum" in Venezuela, I return to Santa Barbara, CA for Linda's craftsmanship. I fell in love with this bow the second I played with it. I am definitely planning to use it in my upcoming performances. Linda's love, talent, and passion for this fine craft is reflected in every piece of her work. She is truly an artist.~Richard 2009

Hi Linda, I wanted to send you a feedback on your website to thank you for the excellent cello and service you offer. Below is the feedback for 7/8 305 Andreas Eastman Cello. I had really hard time finding a 7/8 cello in New Zealand and it costs too much to bring in one overseas going through local string shop. I am glad that I found and managed to get a good quality 7/8 within budget! This Andrea Eastman 7/8 has big projection and lovely sweet A string, and my cello teacher is really happy with the cello! Linda is lovely to work with, quick response to all emails and great after sales service. What's more - the cello arrived sound and safe within a week from the dispatched date. It was a right decision to leave the shipping arrangement to the expert (Linda) and make the import process hassle free! Linda managed to get a good deal on shipping cost - great saving compare to arrange shipping from here.I would not hesitate to recommend Linda to anyone looking to purchase cello on internet and would definitely return to Linda if I am upgrading my cello in the future. ~ Sue, New Zealand

Thank you so much, Linda. The violin is beautiful and has such a rich sound for such a tiny thing. My daughter is so excited to use it that practice is now a real joy! ~Melissa 2012

Linda, Just had to drop a note and reiterate what a beautiful little violin we bought from you. My daughter is almost 5 years old, pretty small for her age, and required a 1/16 violin. My husband and I knew nothing about buying/renting stringed instruments, and you were recommended highly by our daughter's teacher. You set us up so well with the entire outfit--a pretty little violin, nice bow, and case. We oohed and aahed when the violin came out of the case, but the real surprise was the first time we heard it--such a delicious, full sound coming from such a tiny instrument. We had heard that all small violins necessarily sound terrible--not this one! We are delighted, and my daughter is so excited to practice each evening, and so proud to carry around her violin in its backpack case. Just a perfect experience all around. Many, many thanks. ~Melissa 2012

I have been Linda's customer for the past two years. I initially rented a cello from Linda for my son, because I could not justify the cost unless I knew he would stick with it. Linda gave us an amazing rental cello that was so much better than anything else on the rental market. With that cello, my son learned to love music. Two years later, we came back to Linda and bought this cello. Linda's service to her customers is outstanding and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to rent or buy a cello. Thanks Linda! ~Duy 2009

Hi, The cello is wonderful! I love playing it. Thank you so much for all of your help!
~Lizann 2009

We received the cello today and I wanted to say thank you! The best praise I can give you is that you live up to your reputation - which is so good that living up to it shouldn't even be possible. This cello is for my advancing teenage daughter and she is absolutely thrilled.... Thank you again. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. ~Daniel, May 2012


Hi Linda, We have received the cello. It was set up and packed very securely. It only took a few minutes to tune. The sound is even and easy to play. My son loves the cello. He is exploring its sound since yesterday. We are very happy! Thank you. ~Yoshiko 2008

Linda, You can mark that cello SOLD!!!!! I like it very much. I think it is just perfect for me, the right size and very appealing sound. I really like playing it. In fact, if I had my druthers I would not be here in my office, but rather, home playing! I like the physicality of playing it compared to the violin. I am astonished at the shades of sound you can produce with that chunky little bow depending on your stroke! WOW is the only word for it. I looked at your website again. You are bringing in so many wonderful sounding cellos! Makes one want to try them all or at least listen to them all. Thank you for everything. If I ever want another cello I know where to look! ~Valerie 2008

Linda, The cello arrived save and sound today--Saturday. Wow what great service and it was packed great. Sounds very nice and is easy to play. Your bridge is fantastic. I will get many years of enjoyment from this instrument. Also, thanks for placing the anti-wolfer on and for the great carry bag. All and all, a VERY fine experience and instrument. I will definitely recommend your site to my students. ~Lynn 2008

Love this cello! - - - I have had my 2008 7/8 Michael Gerlach for 4.5 months and am extremely satisfied. I am a performing music major in college and this cello is more than I need. It has an amazing sound and response for the price. When I was buying, this cello was better than cellos up to $10,000 at one of the top shops on the East coast. It's sound is worth much more than it is priced at. ~Grace 2009


The 'Dulcet' - - - Linda, I do love this cello!!!! I have practiced nearly the whole day! She plays, sounds, and smells so sweet. Perfect!!! ~Paula 2009


Every phase of the transaction was a delight! - - - Linda was an absolute pleasure to work with, and passionately hot-rodded this 605 into a much higher grade sounding instrument than when it shipped to her, stock. It now meets all my requirements for ease of use and quality of tone. The Ebony Pegheads are so much better than pegs and fine tuners. I love them! Great customer service. You can tell she truly cares about the customer relationship, and the products & services she sells. Linda is a wonderfully gifted Luthier and talented cellist. Don't make the mistake of going anywhere else, if you live in California. Linda's is worth the drive. ~Rowsby 2009

Happy Customer! - - - I always view buying a musical instrument sight unseen, as unadvised at best. The look of the instrument, the upgrades, the included extras, the price, and the trial period, however, made me think about trying a cello from Linda West. The instrument I bought was more than I expected for the price. Linda was also very concerned about my satisfaction. A great company and person with which to do business.~Bruce 2010

Love it! - - - My cello came in excellent, playable condition. And I don't think anyone can top Linda's customer service. All around a great buying experience. Thanks Linda! ~from Texas

Sheng Liu Cello Magnificence! - - - I just bought a Sheng Liu cello from Linda West, and to be honest, when I first ordered it I was a little nervous. I had it shipped across country, and it arrived in perfect condition. After receiving it I'm so glad I gave it a shot! Linda set up a great cello, and it is very easy to play. I love the sound, it has a warm tone, and is nice and full in the lower registry. It is just as good if not better than the Eastman's I've tried. A truly great value, very impressed. ~North Carolina

Beautiful sound, workmanship, and service - - - Linda is an absolute gem as a consultant in the difficult selection of the "right" instrument at various levels and price ranges. She is understanding, offers good advice, quick response, and is very patient! Almost seemed like she never slept as she responded so quickly by email or phone. I must say that she offers better customer service 3,000 miles away than I've received from local shops. Don't hesitate to let her help you purchase an instrument. This Jonathan Li is a wonderful addition to the Eastman Master series. Don't be turned away as this isn't a "cheep Chinese instrument" as there is no comparison to other Chinese makers such as things you find on the internet. Eastman and this series is very high quality and sold only in violin shops. My daughter's private teacher couldn't believe the tonal quality and craftmanship offered in this price range. Thanks Linda!! ~Kevin 2011

IN LOVE! - - - Hi Linda, I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new Lupot! :). Thank you so much for making an otherwise daunting purchase for a student like me so easy! All the best, ~MaryPat 2011

Hi Linda, Good thing I got up early. It arrived - perfectly - at 7:30 am. I've been playing for nearly 1 hour and 40 minutes, This 7/8 Gerlach IS meatier, but it's also subtle and strong, and resonant, and I actually have to be careful as it responds incredibly well with little right hand/arm work. It's really amazing for an instrument in its price-range. The evah p. strings are great and those tuners - OH - you are so right - are absolutely incredible. And the rosewood tail piece is stunning. What a joy this cello will be in my life. Cheers, ~Barry 2011

Jonathan Li 7/8 - - - With Linda's excellent knowledge and assistance , I purchased the Jonathan Li 7/8 Stradivarius cello. I am very pleased with this cello . It has a lovely complex voice with emerging power as it develops its voice. Finding a smaller 7/8 cello was a challenge, this one fits me well. Linda's service was excellent, even with the challenge of shipping to Canada. Would highly recommend these cellos and Linda's personalized, customer oriented service. Thanks for all your help Linds; I love my new cello. ~Courtenay 2011

love it! - - - Because of Linda's trade-in policy, I was able to downsize to this smaller cello when I realized that the 4/4 I purchased from her 4 years ago was causing me to have physical difficulties. Not only do I now have a higher quality instrument than I could have afforded had I been trying to purchase without the benefit of a trade-in, I also know my old cello will find a good home! This cello is a dream come true that is allowing me to continue pursuing my desire to learn to play. My teacher, a member of our local symphony, says this little gem is the best sounding 3/4 cello she has ever heard! ~Lyn 2011

Thrilled and delighted - - - Hi Linda, My new cello arrived today - there was a long delay at New Zealand customs, in case you were wondering why I had not emailed before. I am absolutely thrilled and delighted with the my cello! I also want to thank you for the extremely expert packing - the cello had not moved at all inside the case and I could not believe that after a transit from US to New Zealand, all I needed to do was a little bit of fine tuning and I was off and playing. I just love how it sounds. Now that I own the Eastman case I realize how much better it is than many others I have seen - I am also hugely delighted with that too! All in all, I could not be more pleased with my purchase. I don't think I would have had the confidence to buy online at long distance like this if it had not been for your many emails and your answers to all my questions - your customer service is among the best I have ever experienced. Thank you! Kind regards Rachael, New Zealand

Hi Linda: I had my first lesson with my Sheng Liu #4 yesterday, and I had my teacher (A cello performance grad from Eastman School of Music) give it a workout. She was very impressed (as was I) with the sound--big yet sweet, with a good action. She was more impressed when I told her that I paid $2000 for it. Her response: "I'm jealous--maybe I should contact Linda West." I told her how you worked with me and the instrument to customize a great package that well fits my needs. I can't wait until it has been played more and had a chance to settle in. ~Charles, NY

I got this same model, the VC605M, from Linda a few years ago, and I could not have gotten a better cello for the money... not even close. It sounds amazing and plays very well, the fingerboard feels great. Linda put on a great selection of strings and it all came together perfectly. This will be my cello for life, hands down. Hopefully this review can be used for other VC605M's since I see this one is already on hold. Also, a universal comment... Linda's communication throughout the purchasing process was GREAT to say the least. She responded to questions quickly and answered them well, and also send sound samples of the cello once it had been set up. I don't think there's a better cello dealer out there. ~Ryan, Milwaukee 2012

Excellent cello for my needs - - - I am an amateur violinist who just took up cello. So a good cello-bow combination is essential. Linda recommended the Sheng Liu #4, which was well within my budget. I was not disappointed. Linda was helpful in (1) attention to my needs, (2) expert setup, and (3) matching of bow and strings to this instrument. She treats both cello and customer as individuals! For the price, this cello is a winner. When I told my teacher the price she replied: "I'm jealous.” Linda fitted it with geared pegs which make tuning a cinch without using fine tuners. It is very playable with a big, complex tone across the entire register. The Paesold bow (an upgrade) is well balanced and easy to control. Varnish and finish are aesthetically pleasing, although one can see a few drips in the F-holes--but this does not detract from the playability. I recommend this cello--and particularly Linda West's attention to detail and service. ~New York, 2012

What a wonderful instrument. My six year old daughter has been playing for a year and we wanted a nice step-up from her 1/8 Eastman 100 rental. This certainly delivers - full, dark sound for such a small cello, great setup by Linda, delivered in perfect condition. My daughter loves it, and is immediately playing better! ~Raleigh, N.C.

Excellent Service - - - I previously purchased replacement strings for my son's cello blindly; replacing them with the same brand/type. With Linda's unique approach, she matched the strings to my son's musical needs and made his cello sound amazing. Thanks for all your help and patience Linda. ~Simi Valley, 2012