Bow Rehair Service

I use the highest quality unbleached, untreated hair on all my rehair jobs. Rehair includes cleaning and polishing, and may include some minor repairs. If your bow requires additional repairs, new winding, or thumb leather, please let me know in the comments section on the order page and I will email you with a quote. I may need to see your bow first to make an accurate assessment. The most popular hair type used is Platinum 'Live' select, but for a little more you can have me put on 'Special Select', which is Platinum "Live" hair that has been sorted strand by strand. New! Color Bow rehairs!
  1. Platinum Select: Stallion hair which is unbleached, untreated and very uniform and straight. It has been sorted out multiple time (Double drawn) resulting in a very consistent hank. This is an all-around hair for any instrument (classical playing). Recommended for all bows. Platinum would be the most common to use on a violin bow. 
  2. Platinum Coarse: is the same as the above only the hair is a larger diameter (coarser) it is a great hair for cello and bass (classical or modern) For viola and violin it is suited for (modern or fiddle music) it holds up to more aggressive playing. Coarse offers more grip than Platinum. Especially nice for cello bows, but works for other bows as well. We use this for white Bass hair as well as the white hair in our Salt and Pepper.
  3. Special Select: Premium Platinum hair that has been sorted strand by strand. $10.00 more for violin, violin, cello or bass.
  4. Student:Typically unbleached Mongolian horse hair. Used on most student-grade violin, viola, and cello bows, including fiberglass bows. If not bleached there will be more color drift, light on one end darkening to the older hair, which is preferred over bleaching in my opinion. I use this hair for rentals and school rehairs mostly. It may break more easily. It costs $5.00 less
  5. Black:Grippy, thick hair, holds rosin well. Excellent for bass bows but also good for cellists who play hard and want bite.
  6. Salt and Pepper:Mix of black and white for cello and bass players who want a blend. You know who you are.
  7. VEGAN:Synthetic bow hair
Unsure which one to use? Our recommendations are:
  • Violin & Viola (Classical music) : Platinum Select
  • Other Violin/Viola (Fiddle or modern music): Platinum Coarse
  • Cello: Platinum Coarse
  • Bass: Black, Salt and Pepper (20% Black with 80% Platinum Course)

Ship your bow to:

Linda West Cellos
123 W. Padre Street, Suite 3
Santa Barbara, CA 93105



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See more bow shipping info at: How to Ship a Bow

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