Returns and Refunds

Cellos that are not on sale, or not on consignment all come with a 14-day trial period. When you receive your cello, please take your time to get to know it. If for some reason you are not totally thrilled with your new instrument, contact us to arrange a return.

Cases are not returnable.

Bows can be trialed with previous arrangement. Please contact us if you want to trial bows.

All other products are eligible for return. Please contact us if you are not totally happy with your purchase.

You can read our full return policy here.

No, sorry, but any cello that has a sales price is NOT eligible for use with your trade-in or your rental credit. If you need to use a trade-in or your rental credit, you will have to pay the original, full price.

No. Sorry, all items with a discounted price are non-returnable and non-refundable, including cellos and bows. If you have serious issues with your discounted item, please contact Linda directly to discuss. Cellos with a discounted price are NOT eligible for our standard 14-day trial.

No, we are sorry, but all case sales are final! We have done our best with inventory at hand to have accurate measurements of the interior of most cases. Please see the case item page for the measurements tab (below the photos). There is also an image on each case page that you can use to show you where and how to measure your cello to compare to the case measurements. If you are still unsure whether your cello will fit into the case you are interested, please Contact Us.

If you are shopping online, we are partnered with Affirm Financing.

If you visit our store in person, we are proud to be able to offer financing through Synchrony Financial.

The other payment methods that we accept are all major credit cards (including American Express) paypal, venmo, cash, local checks, money orders, automatic bank transfers, and wire transfers.

Please see our trade-in/trade-up policy here.


 I charge you whatever FedEx charges me. If you add the cello to your cart, you can see the shipping charges. If you have questions, or the shipping charge seems too high, or you are not in the U.S., please Contact Us.

Yes! We have many countries set up for International shipping. To find out if we already ship to your country, put the items you want in the cart and see if you get shipping options when you enter your address. If not, contact us, tell us where you are and ask if we can ship to you. For some products, such as cases and cellos, Linda can arrange special rates, but in many cases the shipping charges are fairly high, so you will have to decide if you want to pay them. 

Products shipped Internationally are not eligible for trial periods and all sales are final.

Set-Up and Repairs

 I ship my cellos set-up and ready to play. I want you to be able to open the box and play. I require that my cellos be shipped in a hard case with some beginning cellos being the exception.

Possibly. Depending on where you live, what needs to be done, and whether you are willing to ship it. I typically work on cellos that can be hand delivered by their owners to my shop in Santa Barbara, CA. However, I may consider doing work on cellos shipped to me. We will have to discuss your specific cello to make a decision together.

It all depends on the particular instrument. Sometimes I may adjust or replace the bridge, change the tail piece, modify the fingerboard, adjust the sound post, or add wolf suppressor/s. I always hand-pick each string, often mixing brands to get an even, consistent sound across all the strings to bring out the best quality in each instrument. I often pick out new pegs or tailpiece that are more aesthetically pleasing and that compliment the look of the cello better than the stock pieces. Every aspect of the cello is analyzed by playing it, and we try out different things until we feel the cello is performing in an optimum manner.

Instrument Trials

I have a 14-day trial policy for cellos*. If you get the cello, and it just doesn't work for you for whatever reason, just send it back to me. (You will have to pay for shipping.) I will either refund your original payment, or if there is another cello that you want, apply the money to that. If it comes to this, we will be talking and will decide together the best course of action. More than anything, I want you to be completely satisfied with your cello. See my Returns Policy above for more info. When you receive your cello for trial, keep ALL of the packing materials, and look closely how it was packed. You will need to repack it the same as you received it. Shipping is expensive so check into that before you commit to a trial period. Often, the charges you pay for shipping from me are less than the actual charges due to discrepancies between our store's system and FedEx. Your actual charges to ship back to me may be MORE than you paid originally from me. I often absorb excess shipping charges as part of my business expenses.

*International destinations, (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico), cellos or bows with a discounted price, and cellos/bows on consignment are not eligible for the 14-day trial.

Consignment cellos sales are final, meaning there is no trial period with them. Since I don't own the cello and am selling it for someone else, I can't take the liability for it traveling out and back while you test it out. I may make some exceptions to this rule for people I know well and live close by.

We are no longer taking instruments or bows on consignment.