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Les Bois D'harmonie Tailpiece

One of the nicest upgrades that you can do to your cello would be a Bois D'Harmonie Tailpiece with composite fine tuners. These light-weight tailpieces free up your instrument, and provide more resonance. Depending on the wood selected, it will either brighten up or warm up your instrument.

Comes with a tailcord.

Available from us in Ebony or Boxwood in either Hill and French designs.

Typical Effects:

  • Ebony - bright and resonant
  • Boxwood - warm
  • Rosewood - warmest (we are not carrying rosewood as they keep breaking)
  • Pernambuco - brightest, most resonant
    (Jan. 2024 - pernambuco is not available for the near future)

French tailpieces are lighter-weight than the Hill style. Some cellos need the extra weight of the Hill. If you are unsure of what to order, please use the Get in Touch form below to get your questions answered.

Standard length is 235mm which is normally what we have on hand. If you require a different length short 220mm or long 250mm, please use our Get in Touch form to inquire on availability. (smaller patterns like a Guadagnini, small English cellos, or a 3/4 or 7/8 cello would usually use a 220mm tailpiece.)

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