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Linda West Cellos - A Boutique Cello Experience

We are passionate about the cello, but more importantly, we are passionate about cellists. The driving force behind our business is making cellists happy and successful. We have always been more interested in building a relationship with you than we are in making a sale. To us, it's about the satisfaction of helping musicians (or future musicians) meet their OWN dreams with the cello. We consider you our friends, and our main goal is to provide you with the sort of guidance a good friend would provide.

A Private Showroom - We are a very small, family-run business with a private showroom. We are open by appointment only so that you have our undivided attention when you come visit us. We aren't stuffy and pretentious; we do this because you deserve the very best help, regardless of your experience with the cello. We treat beginners and professionals the same. All ages and abilities are welcome. When you come shopping for an instrument, bow or case, we are there to assist you in your selection, coaching players on how best to select a bow or instrument, or how to make sure you get the most appropriate case for your instrument and life. Although we are very cello-centric, we also carry a small selection of violins, violas and basses. Everyone who works here plays the cello.

If you are shopping online, we provide the same level of service from a distance. We want to know that you are looking, and that you have questions, and we are more than happy to get on the phone with you and talk things through. We help ensure cases will fit, and that you are making the right decision for a cello soulmate for yourself or a family member. If you would like personal attention via phone, please use our Get in Touch form to send us your request. Be sure to include your phone number.

Our Cello Inventory is Hand-Selected - The vast majority of the cellos in our showroom have been personally hand-selected by Linda, who is an experienced cello repair luthier (we don't make any of our cellos). We don't have a warehouse full of cellos in boxes; we have showroom racks full of professionally setup and adjusted, played and recorded cellos that are looking for their forever home. Each cello is setup with care taken to select the best string combination for that cello. We ensure that the setup is as perfect as it can be, then we play it, often changing things out until we are really happy with the sound and performance.  We have a professional musician who plays for our recordings. We use an extremely high quality ribbon microphone to capture the sound as closely as possible to live. We strive to carry only cellos that we would like to play ourselves. We have cellos in all price ranges for beginners through professionals.


We Fit the Cello to the Player - We take great pride in providing a level of personalized service that is hard to find these days. Since we focus predominantly on the cello, you will never be treated like many violin-centric places treat you; by sticking you in a room alone with a pile of cellos to try to figure it out on your own. Nope. Our sole purpose in life is to match players with cellos. This includes those of you shopping from a distance, trying to make that difficult decision, sight-unseen, for your cello soulmate. If this is you, please reach out to us via our Get in Touch form and we will guide you personally, based on your special needs, to make a match that you won't regret. We have no problem exchanging multiple emails, or having many phone conversations from people shopping online to assist them in their selection and purchase. 

We Are Always Here for You - Since we are just a tiny shop, we are here for you. You can use our Get in Touch form to contact us directly. We don't have a call center. It's just us. If you need to talk to someone on the phone, just shoot us an email, or use the orange 'Chat Now' button on the website, and leave your number and one of us will give you a call. We love talking to our customers because it helps us help you make sure you are making the right decision. We get very few returns because of the level of service we are dedicated to BEFORE the sale. 

A Note About Teacher Referrals/Commissions

There is a long-standing 'practice' in the United States that we want to be totally upfront about. In many instances, music teachers refer students to particular strings shops because the string shop will pay the teacher a 10-30% commission on the sales price of the instrument.

At Linda West Cellos, we feel this is an unethical practice and refuse to take part in it. If your teacher has sent you here, you can be assured that he or she is NOT getting a kickback, and that we have not inflated the price unnecessarily to pay your teacher. We feel this would be a complete disservice to student musicians. If you feel you need your teacher to be included on your decision, he or she is welcome to accompany you on your trip to Linda West Cellos. If you feel their input has been valuable, you are free to compensate them in whatever way you see fit. There are MANY teachers who expect to be compensated simply for referring students to us. We do not participate in that. Period. You can read more about the history and pervasiveness of this practice here.