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Bow Trial Agreement

Please Read The Agreement Below

1. Customer shall be entitled to utilize the bow(s) for a period of 7 days (the “Trial Period”) unless the Trial Period is extended by Linda West Cellos in writing.

2. At the conclusion of the Trial Period, all bow(s) which Customer elects not to purchase must be returned to Linda West Cellos.

3. A $35 Trial Fee will cover shipping both ways.

4. The Customer agrees to pack the bow(s) for return shipping according to the instructions provided by Linda West Cellos. The Customer must use the return shipping label included in the package to return the bow(s). Use of a different shipping method or a different label may result in the Customer being charged for all of the bows.

5. Customer will return the bow(s) in the same condition in which Customer received them.  Any damage or visible wear done to the bow will result in the customer paying for reconditioning costs of the bow. Common damage and wear from extended Trial periods: Leather wear $60, Rehair $80, Tip replacement $150.

6. A valid credit card number must be provided to trial bows. The price of the most expensive bow, plus $35 trial fee, will be charged to this card before the bows are sent. In the event any returned bows require refurbishing, the provided card will be charged unless the Customer requests the use of a different payment method.

7. Linda West Cellos warrants that all bows sent out on trial are servicable at the time of delivery. There should be sufficient life in the hair, the leather will be in like new condition, and there will be no visible damage to the bows, unless otherwise stated. All bows will have been previously rosined and played, but are otherwise new bows. We do not trial bows in our shop on consignment.

Provide Your Name and Email Address and Click "I Agree" to Authorize a Bow Trial