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Linda's Picks Explained

Linda's Personal Favorites - I have favorite cellos in many different price ranges, so look for the heart and you'll know that this cello has gotten MY heart!

Easy to Play! - These cellos are SO easy to play it's crazy! If you don't have great technique, are a beginner who wants a higher performing instrument that you won't grow out of, or just don't want to have to struggle to get the best from your cello, you might want to consider one of my 'easy' cellos. I have easy to play cellos in all price points, but it doesn't necessarily make them easy for a beginner. Professionals will appreciate an 'easy to play' professional level instrument that would be just too much to handle for rank beginners.
Best for Beginners - I have chosen my 'Best for Beginners' products to help you make a difficult decision easier. Purchasing for a beginner can be harder than you would imagine. You may not want to make a huge investment for your beginning student because this is a time for them to determine if this instrument is right for them, or if music is even something that they will remain interested in. Considering cost, you still want to get a good enough quality instrument that it will not frustrate the student with poor playability or intonation. My 'Best for Beginners' cellos are guaranteed to be perfect for beginners: they won't break the bank, and will provide a high level of material and craftsmanship so your beginner is constantly encouraged, and not discouraged, by their instrument. Also see my article How to Select a Cello for a Beginner
For the Budget-Minded - when money is tight, look for my 'For the Budget-Minded' recommendations. I don't carry any product that I don't believe in, but there are price ranges from budget to professional in my store. I have worked with hundreds of cello parents and students, and I know which products are of a good quality and an inexpensive price. If your budget is tight, just look for my 'For the Budget-Minded' cellos, cases and bows. If you would like help putting together your purchase, and to save money, please contact me directly.
Best Overall Value - The products that I have marked 'Best Overall Value' represent products that I feel are priced very well for their high quality craftsmanship and performance. Some instruments come in with a price that is much lower than their perceived value and quality. I pass these savings along to you along with my rave reviews. Pick a 'Best Overall Value' cello if you want the most bang for the buck.
Performance - Cellos with the Performance badge are ones that I feel are 'high performing' or good for performing. They are especially suited for cellists with a capable arm who are focusing on solo repertoire.
Best of the Best - Any product marked 'Best of the Best' is my pick for that category of product when money is not an object and you want the absolute best I have to offer. Based on my years of experience with cello and other string-related products, the 'Best of the Best' is what I would buy!