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BAM Hightech 4.4 Cello Case

Weight: 9.8 lbs / 4.4kg

Special Note: All Case Sales are FINAL! Sorry, no returns. See the ‘Measurements’ tab below for help determining if your cello will fit in this case.

In Stock:
  • Metallic Silver
  • Black Carbon

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Do you need help figuring out if your cello will fit?

Download the Blank Measurement Sheet below and measure your cello following the directions on the sheet. Also, download the measurements for this case. Your cello's measurements should not exceed any of the measurements for this case or it may not fit properly/safely. All case sales are FINAL, so if you are unsure, please email Linda for assistance.


Blank Measurement Sheet
Measurements for BAM Hightech 4.4 / 1002XL case

Interior Measurements:


Pegs Upper 7" 178mm
Pegs Lower 7" 178mm
Upper Bout 14 1/2" 368mm
Upper Bout Corners 14 1/2" 368mm
Lower Bout 18" 457mm
Lower Bout Corner 16 1/2" 419mm
Total Height 49" 1,244mm
Body Length 31" 787mm
Endpin Length 2 3/4" 69.7mm
Bridge Height 11 1/2" 292mm


note: these measurements are without any of the extra padding. Also, the height could be increased by removing the top pad. Please contact Linda if you have a cello that doesn't seem to fit into this case and she can work with you to see if it will fit.



BAM's Hightech 4.4 case weighs 9.8 lbs and fits the larger cello models like the Montagnana patterns. It has a triple-ply shell with an Airex skeleton trapped between a film of untearable plastic, and an outside layer of sleek, metallic ABS, which makes the shell very resistant and rigid. These cases are built tough and hold up to the roughest handling. The BAM Hightech case has an internal suspension system made of injected and molded foam cushions, velvet lined, supporting the instrument at the level of the internal batten.

These now fit into the new black shell Bam flight covers. (Will not fit the older version blue flight cover)

Padding is adjustable and includes an extra padding kit to custom fit your cello.

Standard features included:

  • Two bow holders
  • Two padded, anti-slip shoulder straps
  • Two adjustable pockets for music and accessories
  • Neck strap and security strap for the scroll
  • Fully suspended interior
  • Comfortable handle
  • Injected foam endpin cushion, strap and reinforced plate
  • Injected foam suspension cushion for the endpin
  • Exterior color: Black Carbon Look, Metallic Silver 
  • Interior color: Black

Weight: 9.8 lbs / 4.4kg

Note: Uses D rings and swivel snaps, which occasionally fail. We recommend buying Security Cables just in case.

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