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10mm New Harmony Solid Carbon Fiber Endpin - Complete Assembly - Cello Endpin

This item is the complete assembly of a 10mmNew Harmony solid carbon fiber endpin.  See video below for installation instructions.


1. Choose the sizeof your bottom opening.
  • Small = 23.5mm
  • Medium = 25.5mm
  • Large = 27.5mm

2. Then choose whether you want an angled or straight opening. The fitting for the cello can either have a straight hole for the endpin, or a hole that has the endpin tilt at 5˚. Some players find that the angled fitting is more comfortable and allows you to get more "horizontal", while some teachers also recommend it for tall students, since it allows them to put the tip a tad closer.

The angled opening is available only for the large (27.5 mm) opening.

3. Finally, choose your endpin length.
  • Standard (20")
  • Extended (24")
  • Extra Long (28")

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