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8mm New Harmony Solid Carbon Fiber Endpin & Cap Only - Cello Endpin

The New Harmony solid carbon fiber endpin is lighter and slightly more flexible than a steel or aluminum rod and can be an excellent choice for cellists looking to make their instrument more resonant. This endpin weighs 42g,whereas the standard 8mm, 20in steel cello endpin weighs 201g, meaning that the solid carbon fiber is 79% lighter than steel.

The endpin can easily slide into fittings originally designed for hollow metal rods; take care not to over-tighten the screw, however, as this can damage the carbon fiber. If properly cared for, this endpin can be used for many years in standard cello endpin fittings.

This is the 8mmendpin, which comes only in the standard 20 in length; if a longer endpin is desired we recommend the 10mmendpin, which is stiffer. The tip is heat-hardened stainless steel, and comes with a rubber cap; this item does not include fittings, but a version with its own fittings are offered on this page.

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