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Arcos Brasil - Special Replica Peccatte Pernambuco Cello Bow

Weight: 80.6g, Balance: 9 3/8"

Weight: 80.6 g, Balance: 9 3/8"

Maker: Alessandro Carlesso

Silver fitted, Mastodon Ivory tip. 

This bow has a sunny, vibrant character. The high register is crisp and sweet, the low register juicy and vivid. It maintains a clear, even core to the cello’s resonance even at very soft dynamics, creating a crystalline shimmer. In more intense passages, it conjures a rich, colorful, full sound. It is very easy to maneuver string crossings and quick passages - it feels agile in the hand. This bow is best paired with a more subdued cello that would benefit from some brightening and focus. 

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