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Arcos Brasil - Ipe Bow - SILVER Fitted - CELLO

Photos are representative.

Weight: varies, Balance: varies

Silver Winding

Arcos Brasil Sterling silver mounted Cello bows are quality, handmade, ipe bows at an affordable price. Ebony frogs are fitted with Parisian eyes and sterling silver Ferrule. Windings are made of matching sterling silver wire or imitation whalebone, and tip plates are made of mastodon.
The wood chosen for the Silver bows is select ipe and tends to be stronger sticks. 

This bow is a compelling, crisp, shimmery character. The higher register is brilliant and regal, the lower register colorful and fierce. It creates a silvery resonance across all four strings. The stick snaps off the string effortlessly for spicatto strokes; it is effortless to maneuver and feels strong in the hand. This bow would pair well with a darker, mellow cello to focus and open its sound. 

About windings and fittings --

Windings - The decision by the bow maker to use one material over another on the winding depends on where the balance is and what material will benefit the balance of the bow best. Windings typically used are imitation whalebone, silver tinsel (on silver bows), or nickel/silver.

Bows described as 'nickel' or 'nickel/silver' are wound with either nickle/silver or whalebone (imitation). The frog and button metal will be nickel/silver. Nickel/silver is an alloy containing no actual silver, but with a silvery appearance.

Bows described as 'silver' models may have windings of silver tinsel (silver on silk thread), whalebone (imitation), or silver. The frog and button metal will be silver.

Silver bows also use a higher grade of stick material, whether that be wood or carbon, and are considered a better bow not just because of the fittings, but because of the stick.


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