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Accord Carbon Fiber 'Standard' Cello Case

Weight: 5.8 lbs / 2.8kg

Special Note: All Case Sales are FINAL! Sorry, no returns. See the ‘Measurements’ tab below for help determining if your cello will fit in this case.

In Stock:

  • Bach Suites (this is actually an Ultra Light model, however, the decoupage adds weight. This case weighs about 7.5lbs)
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Do you need help figuring out if your cello will fit?

Download the Blank Measurement Sheet below and measure your cello following the directions on the sheet. Also, download the measurements for this case. Your cello's measurements should not exceed any of the measurements for this case or it may not fit properly/safely. All case sales are FINAL, so if you are unsure, please email Linda for assistance.


Blank Measurement Sheet
Measurements for 7/8 Accord Standard / AccordStandard

Measurements for Medium Accord Standard / AccordStandard

Measurements for Large Accord Standard / AccordStandard


Interior measurements of the 7/8Accord Standard case:

Pegs Upper 6 3/4" 171mm
Pegs Lower 6 1/2" 165mm
Upper Bout 14 3/4" 374mm
Upper Bout Corners 12 3/4" 324mm
Lower Bout 17" 432mm
Lower Bout Corner 15 1/4" 387mm
Total Height 46" 1,168mm
Body Length 29 1/4" 743mm
Endpin Length 2 1/2" 63.5mm
Bridge Height 10 1/2" 267mm

Interior measurements of the Medium Accord Standard case:

Pegs Upper 6 3/4" 171mm
Pegs Lower 6 1/2" 165mm
Upper Bout 14 3/4" 374mm
Upper Bout Corners 13 1/2" 343mm
Lower Bout 17 1/2" 444mm
Lower Bout Corner 16" 406mm
Total Height 49 1/4" 1,251mm
Body Length 30 1/2" 775mm
Endpin Length 2 1/2" 63.5mm
Bridge Height 10 1/2" 267mm

Interior measurements of the Large Accord Standard case:

Pegs Upper 8 1/4" 209mm
Pegs Lower 7 1/2" 190mm
Upper Bout 16" 406mm
Upper Bout Corners 15" 381mm
Lower Bout 19" 483mm
Lower Bout Corner 17" 432mm
Total Height 49 1/4" 1,251mm
Body Length 30 1/2" 775mm
Endpin Length 2 1/2" 63.5mm
Bridge Height 10 1/2" 267mm

Sorry, we have yet to see an XXL to get dimensions. If your cello doesn't fit into anything else, contact Linda and we'll see what we can do.



The most balanced weight/strength ratio. Very popular choice for cellists who require a strong case that is at the same time extremely light. Estimated strength: 40 kilo crush resistance. All Accord cases have a unique suspension system engineered to float the instruments on a cushion of foam pads. Wedge cushions can be easily adjusted for different instruments and provide very precise inside fitting and safety. Ecological and chemically neutral insulation does not interact with, or in any way harm the finish of the instrument. Prevents the accumulation of moisture. Excellent insulating qualities. Adjustable bottom pads fit the exact length of any instrument.

Available in 7/8 (which also fits 3/4 cellos), Medium, and Large (good for cellos like Montagnanas)

Special Note about 7/8 instruments: your cello cannot be taller than 45 1/4" from bottom of lower bout to top of scroll or it will NOT fit into a 7/8 case. 


  • high-glossy finish
  • two back straps
  • foam interior with spare sets cushions
  • detachable pocket

Technology: Accord cases have been a premium choice for musicians all over the world who want to make their life easier. The reason for that is that Accord cases are built of advanced composite materials which guarantee a truly unprecedented weight/strength ratio. Accord uses unique technology to achieve lightness, strength, instrument safety and reduction in size. Furthermore, Accord's production process is based on gradual case reinforcements with Kevlar, depending on Accord's customer's demands. Hand made of finest quality fabrics and fittings. Accord cases are designed to be both beautiful and extremely protective. Within the artisan constructed carbon shell (twice the strength of any conventional material of the same weight), is a dual density foam suspension system to totally isolate the instrument from any impact.

Professional musicians who use Accord Carbon Fiber Cases:

Rostropovic - cello
Lenny Kravitz - guitar
A Levy - guitar with Norah Jones
Santana - guitar
Sting - bass guitar
Tommy Emmanuel - guitar

Carbon Case Caution - If you are shopping for a case that is going to be sturdy, rugged and secure, light-weight carbon fiber cases may disappoint you. Although they ARE sturdy and secure, there are certain things about these cases that every shopper needs to be aware of. Carbon Fiber cases are very light because the carbon fiber is tougher than other materials, therefore, the case body is not very thick. This creates a few issues that you need to be aware of before purchasing:


  • When open, Carbon fiber cases have quite a bit of flex and it takes some care to line up the top and bottom correctly before latching. However, when closed, they are very rigid.
  • Standing a carbon fiber case on end with your cello in it (case either opened or closed) is NOT recommended because of the slim profile and light weight. It would take just a slight bump to unbalance it and knock it over.
  • The less expensive the carbon fiber case is, the more issues you will have with it. Like all other things, you get what you pay for.
  • Less expensive carbon fiber cases tend to have more issues with fit and finish, including hardware failures, durability, and padding.
Note: Uses D rings and swivel snaps, which occasionally fail. We recommend buying Security Cables just in case.

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