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Adjust-Rite Cello Stool (for children)


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This light-weight, adjustable stool is perfect for small children playing 1/10 - 1/4 sized instruments. Stool is approximately 14" square with a 2" seat padded and upholstered with durable black fabric.

Height adjusts to 3 heights: from 12" to 14"

Stool can be adjusted by either changing the length of the legs using the peg-in-hole adjustments, or you can make finer adjustments using the screw-in foot caps.

Stool frame is very sturdy with strong legs and a wide base. Although this sturdy stool does not fold flat, its small size and relatively light weight of 6.35 pounds still makes it easy to transport.

Some simple assembly required. Cleaning instructions: the seat cover is treated with a fire retardant. Do NOT use water to clean! If it gets dusty, use your vacuum. If it gets really stained, we recommend taking it to an upholstery place and having it recovered. 

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