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Arcus M-Series Carbon Cello Bow

In Stock: M8 round, silver

A bow to feel really comfortable with. It is so easy to handle, and makes it easy to execute the most difficult strokes with absolute precision. Its rather dark and warm sound suits bright sounding instruments that tend to have lots of brilliance on the A-string, and a C-string that is a bit less full and resonate. Patterns such as Stradivari, Guadagnini, and Ruggieri will often benefit with the added warmth of the M-Series, which is due to a somewhat more flexible stick and a bit more weight.

With its beautiful balance and the strong but flexible stick you will probably feel instantly at home. Their feel is very similar to traditional bows and their sound is round, warm and strong, but also clear and rich in color. If you need a more powerful or brilliant sound, look to our S-Series bows.

Comes in Round Stick only. 73 grams

About classifications:

The class-4 bows are a match for very high quality wood bows. The finest wood bows we have ever experienced in competition with an Arcus bow could sometimes equal a class-5, but rarely a class-6 bow. The 7- to 9-category bows pull a sound sweeter and more powerful than anything else ever put to a string.

M-Series are currently available in 4-9 class.

M9 Gold / Select Snakewood Frog Pearl Gold winding The Best, only a few made each year
M8 Gold or Silver / Snakewood Frog Pearl Gold 585/black and gold winding Ultimate Soloist's bow
M7 Sterling Silver / Snakewood Frog Pearl Silver 935 The very smoothest
M6 Sterling Silver / Snakewood Frog Pearl Silver 935/black & silver winding Great for very serious players
M5 Sterling Silver / Snakewood Frog Pearl Silver 935 Similar to many fine, old bows
M4 Stainless Steel / Snakewood Frog Pearl Stainless Steel Full, rich and complex

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