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Arcus S-Series Carbon Bow - VIOLIN

Arcus S-Series bows - Ideal for solos. Radical virtuosity, perfect projection and incredible power. Their brilliant spectrum suits all well balanced instruments and makes darker sounding instruments sing like never before. Their minimal weight (48-49 grams) makes them unbelievably fast and nimble, the sound is bright and brilliant with healthy fundamentals.

The S-Series are:
  • super-light
  • super-strong,
  • super-fast
  • brilliant sound

About classifications: 

Our basic class-3 bows will already outperform pretty much
every other composite bow. The class-4 bows are a match for
very high quality wood bows. The finest wood bows we have ever
experienced in competition with an Arcus bow could sometimes
equal a class-5, but rarely a class-6 bow. The 7- to 9-category
bows pull a sound sweeter and more powerful than anything else
ever put to a string. 

The S-Series is available in only class 5 and above...finer than the finest wood bows available. Weight: 48-49 gms

M9 Gold None Select Snakewood
M8 Sterling Silver None Select Snakewood
M7 Sterling Silver Pearl Snakewood
M6 Sterling Silver Pearl Snakewood
M5 Sterling Silver Pearl Snakewood
M4 Stainless 
Pearl Snakewood

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