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Aria Forte Music Stand Light

Our best rechargeable light. Read music for over 8 hours on full brightness and 36 hours on half brightness. Perfect for gigging indoors or out, stages, pits, or chamber music, the Aria Forte delivers bright, consistent light across a full-sized part up to 4 pages wide. A full-range dimmer lets you match the light level to the environment and conserve battery power. Forte maintains constant brightness right to the end of the charge. An LED blinks to indicate how much charge is left and provide low battery warnings. Forte can be used on wall power up to 9 feet from an outlet and supports USB chargers. Rapid recharge provides fast turnaround between events, and can charge during use. Includes a 120-240V USB charger, a nine-foot (2.75 m) cord, and a replaceable high-power lithium polymer (LiPO) battery. One-year warranty. 4 watts. Model F1.

  • 14-inch wide light ensures that even the largest parts are completely illuminated
  • Environmentally friendly LED lighting consumes less than 4 watts of power
  • Even light coverage top to bottom
  • Corded or cordless operation
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery, replaceable
  • Full-range dimmer from 0 to 100%
  • Low profile provides a clear view
  • Maintenance free – no bulbs to replace
  • Cool operation – no risk of burns
  • Shield reduces glare for the conductor and audience
  • Spring-loaded clips fit all solid-desk stands, including Manhasset, Peak, Wenger, and Hamilton
  • Full-sized music turns freely
  • Clears all orchestral music folders
  • Yellow LED provides charge status
  • USB charger and cable included
  • Tall version has one-inch taller front lip for turning 14" parts.

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