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J.A. Vigneron 'Pére' 1890 Pernambuco Silver Mounted Bow - CELLO

Weight: 76.6g, Balance: 8 3/4"

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Weight: 76.6g, Balance: 8 3/4", Octagonal

Stick is branded: A. VIGNERON A PARIS

Certification of Authenticity by P. Guillaume dated 12 Mars 2020

A very fine French cello bow from the hands of the prolific and highly skilled master bow maker.  (Photo certificate from P. Guillaume will accompany the sale of this fine bow)

Vigneron, Joseph Arthur b. 1851, d. 1905 Paris, France.

This bow sits lightly and naturally in the hand; it creates an angelic resonance, vivid and colorful. It sustains sonorously in lyrical passages, weeping beautifully in the higher register, sweet and rich in the lower register. Maintaining contact with the string is easy; in combination with its lightness, this facilitates agile, clear attacks in fast passages. It is easy to control, allowing the player to maneuver dynamic changes and tone colors effortlessly.

Known as Vigneron Pére. A very distinguished bow maker. Pupil and assistant of C. N. Husson until 1872, subsequently employed J. J. Martin and from 1880 by Gand and Bernardel. Established independently in Paris from 1888 at 54 rue de Cléry. 

Classical French bow making, both octagonal and round sticks, of renowned playing quality and craftsmanship. Early work in the Bazin manner; later embraced the Vuillaume style, developing his distinctive personality in his independent years. 

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