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Cello Bib by Bass Clef Bibs

Cellobibs provide comfort for you and protection for your cello. The inner pad is designed to fit the top bout, so it "disappears" while you're playing and stays snugly on the cello even when you're moving around (like when you're turning pages). The cellobib is moisture resistant and will protect your cello from damage by buttons, sequins, and other abrasive clothing. 

The cellobib is held in place with elastic cords; the lining is luxurious velvet, and a Velcro-type clothing fastens under the fingerboard.

We also carry a special mini cellobib (comes in black only) that's ideal if you just need a small amount of extra padding, or for younger players. It's fitted to rest over the top bout and over the button, and while protecting your cello's varnish and your contact point when playing.

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