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Cello-Shaped Wooden Artino Endpin Anchor

Hold the cello in place with an endpin anchor shaped like the best instrument in the world. We carry three varieties of this cello-shaped rockstop, all of which are fitted with a removable, adjustable strap that can be used to hook around a chair leg, and all of which are fitted with a rubber backing to stop slippage.

Beechwood Endpin Stop (SP-25):Elegantly crafted out of beechwood, has a more rounded shape. The most versatile of the three, it has threedifferent holes for three different types of endpin.

Bamboo Endpin Stop (SP-26):A slightly more lightweight rockstop, this model has two separate endpin holes.

Cello and Silhouette Endpin Stop (SP-27):A new model! The rockstop itself fits inside a silhouette which can be attached to the strap and used to hook the entire setup to the chair leg. Made of lightweight bamboo.

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