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Hill & Sons Bow - CELLO

Weight: 84g, Balance: 9"

Weight: 84g, Balance: 9"

Stamp: W E Hill & Sons

Round stick, silver winding, Sterling silver mounted, pernambuco, fine finished ebony frog with parisian eye.

This bow fits comfortably in the hand, easily pulling a mellow, buttery resonance. Lyrical passages have a rich sweetness; this bow effortlessly glides across the string and manifests an even, clear sound. In more intense passages with a heavier stroke, this bow is powerful, sustaining a dark, compelling tone. Overall, it possesses a honeyed, decadent character. 

Since 1762 the Hill name has represented a combination of craftsmanship and the highest standards of expertise that the company continues to offer.W.E. Hill & Sons is one of the most famous companies in the history of violin making. The company worked extensively in crafting and trading fine stringed instruments, bows and accessories, and also established a truly enviable reputation with its expertise in historic stringed instruments.

Refurbished and rehaired by Linda West. Highest quality hair is used. On Consignment.

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