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Josef Schuster bow - CELLO - Consignment

Weight: 81.5g, Balance: 9 1/4"

Weight: 81.5 grams, Balance: 9 1/4"

Whether a cello is bright or warm, this bow is able to pull out the best in the instrument. It has a smooth ride while still maintaining solid contact on all four strings. It makes projection easy as it can be trusted when playing close to the bridge. It doesn't create an overly focused sound; however, its tone is clear and crisp. It handles more delicate passages beautifully while adding a lot of color to the cellos initial sound.

Stamp: Josef Schuster                                                                 

Octagonal stick, whalebone winding, silver mounted, pernambuco

The Schuster family of violinmakers and bow makers that operated mainly in Markneukirchen, is huge, with dictionaries listing between 20 and 30 names. Despite there being limited information about this bows origins, Josef Schuster was a violin maker, indicating that this bow was most likely made for him and stamped with his name. The tip of the bow is in the voirin style, meaning that it is shaped similarly to a delicate swan head.

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