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Knilling Perfection Pegs - Wood - Set of 4 - Cello

The Perfection Peg is a deceptively simple mechanism with a size, shape and overall appearance closely matching a conventional ebony peg. The patented design enables easy, accurate and stable tuning of the cello without the use of tailpiece-mounted string adjusters. In concept,this is equivalent to mechanisms already in use on the guitar and string bass.

How Do They Work?

Perfection pegs employ gears—small, precise, incredibly strong helical gears. Rather than whole-peg rotation and wood-on-wood friction, operation of the internally housed gearing brings each string to its desired tension, and holds it securely in place.

Stated a bit more technically, a player, rotating the head of the peg, is actually turning the main gear (called the sun gear). The sun gear drives smaller gears (called planet gears), which “orbit” between the sun gear and a toothed outer housing (called a ring gear). As the orbiting planet gears are spun about the sun gear, they force the rotation of an elongated housing (called a carrier), which serves as the shaft portion of the peg. The gears are also designed so that the shaft rotates once for every four turns of the peg’s head (called a four-to-one gear reduction). That allows the Perfection Peg to also function as a fine tuner.

Installation should be left to qualified technicians and luthiers. Perfection Pegs are not intended for consumer/player installation.

What are the main benefits of Perfection Pegs?

  • Ease, accuracy and stability of tuning. Perfection Pegs turn with great precision and hold in the desired position until manually adjusted.
  • Time and effort. More class time and effort can be devoted to teaching and playing rather than tuning.
  • More fun learning, and less hassle for players, students, teachers and parents.
  • Tuning proficiency.Because of its ease, students can actually learn this important aspect of playing their instruments in their first year of training.
  • Higher reliability and lower costs of maintenance.Perfection Pegs are virtually maintenance free and don’t create wear-and-tear on the peg box. In addition, all the costs and risks associated with fine tuners are eliminated.
  • Better tone.By eliminating the fine tuners on the tailpiece (which were never part of the original design of the string instrument), Perfection Pegs restore the full sound potential of the instrument, and remove a main source of rattles and buzzes.

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