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Replace Worn Leather

If you also need the leather band at the end of your winding replaced, select that below. If you ONLY need your band replaced, select the leather that you want, then select ONLY the band.

Replace Worn Thumb Leather - This is important maintenance for your bow. If the leather wears through, your thumb starts wearing out the precious Pernambuco stick. You will start to notice a dent forming. When this wear gets bad enough the integrity of the stick is compromised. A repair for this type of damage is very expensive and involves splicing new wood to replace what's missing.


Replace Leather Band - This is a repair to replace a worn or missing leather band on your bow, or put on a new band to secure unraveling silver winding. This repair secures the front edge of silver or gold wire winding. It may include minor soldering if the winding is coming loose. You don't want to let the silver/gold wire unravel! This will secure the wire and prevent a much more expensive fix that could cost $75 or possibly much more.

Many bows have a 1.5-2 mm narrow'leather band' of matching leather along the front edge of the winding. This not only looks nice it also helps to keep the front edge of the delicate winding in place.

Include the leather band and repair. Please choose your leather.


I have many types of leather to choose from:

  1. Standard textured kid leather (the thickest and most durable)
  2. Lizard, snake or bullfrog (the thinnest; has the classy scale pattern)
  3. Soft leatherKangaroo or pig (More pliable, easy on sensitive fingers)

If you are not local to Santa Barbara, and unable to come into our shop, Please ship your bows:

Linda West Cellos
70 S. Kellogg Ave, Unit 1
Goleta, CA 93117 

See my article "How to Pack & Ship a Bow"

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