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Lothar Seifert Cello Bow

Weight: 88.3g, Balance: 9 1/2"

Weight: 88.3g, Balance: 9 1/2"

This powerful bow is able to pull a lot of sound out cellos, making projection a breeze. Despite its weight this bow feels light in the hand, allowing the player to remain agile. This bow is also very flexible in the hand allowing for quick changes between delicate and demanding passages of music. When playing in the upper range this bow is very sweet and clear giving the cello a chance to sing freely. The low range of the cello purs with this bow as it creates a very dark, chocolaty and rich tone.

Stamp: Lothar Seifert

Round stick, silver winding, silver mounted, pernambuco

Lothar Seifert came from a family of instrument makers in Kirchberg, Germany. His father, Oskar, began making bows in 1924 and by 1932 has set up a work shop in Graslitz. Like many refugees following World War II, the Seifert family was forced to re-locate. Through flyers, they heard of a small village called Bubenreuth, whose mayor was calling for makers of musical instruments to settle in his town. Lothar opened his shop with a partner in Bubenreuth in 1950 and once again established the family as a well respected bow producer.

*Pairs well with the Andrzej Glodek Master 4/4 Cello*

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