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Otto Musica 'Artino Muse' model 630M Carbon Hybrid Cello Case - Montagnanas

Weight: 8.3lbs/ 3.7kg

Special Note: All Case Sales are FINAL! Sorry, no returns. See the ‘Measurements’ tab below for help determining if your cello will fit in this case.

In Stock Colors:
  • Plum (very dark metallic burgundy...looks almost black)
  • Cabernet

Free Shipping on Cases $1,000 and up

Do you need help figuring out if your cello will fit?

Download the Blank Measurement Sheet below and measure your cello following the directions on the sheet. Also, download the measurements for this case. Your cello's measurements should not exceed any of the measurements for this case or it may not fit properly/safely. All case sales are FINAL, so if you are unsure, please email Linda for assistance.

Blank Measurement Sheet
Measurements for Artino Muse Carbon Hybrid 630M 'Monty' / OttoMusicaArtinoMuse630M case


Interior Measurements:

Total Length 49" 1245mm
Body Length 30 3/4" 781mm
Upper Bout 15" 381mm
Upper Bout Corners 15" 381mm
Lower Bout 19" 483mm
Lower Bout Corners 16 1/2" 419mm
Pegs Upper 7.75" 197mm
Pegs Lower 7.5" 191mm
Bridge Height 11 1/2" 292mm


Model CC-630M

Weight: 8.3lbs / 3.7kg 

Features Include:
  • Designed for larger pattern cellos
  • Carbon hybrid construction
  • High quality latches and hardware
  • Scratch resistant material with reinforcement
  • Two upper D-rings for backpack straps and security cables (included), designed for comfort
  • Straps with Otto safety rings included
  • Suspension case with eight fully adjustable side pads
  • Holds two bows with Hill-style bow holders
  • Two separate accessory pouches
  • Available in many colors: Pearl, Cabernet, Plum, Dusk, and Charcoal
Note: The adjustable pads are thin, and the case can be very roomy. For this product we recommend buying the BAM Pads to give your cello the best fit.

Carbon Case Caution - If you are shopping for a case that is going to be sturdy, rugged and secure, light-weight carbon fiber cases may disappoint you. Although they ARE sturdy and secure, there are certain things about these cases that every shopper needs to be aware of. Carbon Fiber cases are very light because the carbon fiber is tougher than other materials, therefore, the case body is not very thick. This creates a few issues that you need to be aware of before purchasing:


  • When open, Carbon fiber cases have quite a bit of flex and it takes some care to line up the top and bottom correctly before latching. However, when closed, they are very rigid.
  • Standing a carbon fiber case on end with your cello in it (case either opened or closed) is NOT recommended because of the slim profile and light weight. It would take just a slight bump to unbalance it and knock it over.
  • The less expensive the carbon fiber case is, the more issues you will have with it. Like all other things, you get what you pay for.
  • Less expensive carbon fiber cases tend to have more issues with fit and finish, including hardware failures, durability, and padding.

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