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Ardsley Peg Drops

Ardsley is a trusted name in the way of fixing slipping, creaking, and poorly-fitted pegs. Only a single drop is needed for each peg, so a single 1/2 oz. bottle can last for many uses. Peg drops can be used on violins, cellos, violas, and any other instrument with wooden pegs.

In order to apply the peg drops:

  1. Loosen peg.
  2. Slide peg out of box slightly (not entirely)
  3. Apply one drop to each peg at the point of contact with the peg box.
  4. Re-insert peg and wipe off any excess liquid

Note: You will want to avoid getting the peg drops on the varnish. The instrument can be used right away, but the most noticeable improvement will take place after 12 hours or so.

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