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Pirastro Perpetual - G String - 4/4 Cello

Pirastro's most powerful cello string has a great dynamic range enhancing the unique natural qualities of each cello, with minimal play-in time. Perpetual strings have a Rope Core with Tungsten.

Medium:Designed to have the warm sound for which Pirastro strings are known, but with a stronger "core" sound. The medium set uses a construction that settles in quickly, providing the cellist with a clear and precise yet powerful sound with an easy and direct bow response.

Strong (higher string tension):Often used in combination with the Perpetual

Cadenza (lower string tension):Uses the same core construction as the soloist, but with lower tension. The Cadenza G and C are used to relieve the cello, which allows it to open up and unfold freely. Often used together with the Perpetual medium A and D strings to give them more "presence" by letting them vibrate more easily, while retaining their dynamic and warm sound.

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