Replace Winding

Replace winding (includes new thumb leather) Choice depends on what we're replacing or the weight and balance of your bow. Select your replacement based on what is currently on your bow. I can substitute silver wire for other materials but remember if you remove silver and replace it with imitation whalebone or silk, your balance point will move towards the tip which will make the tip feel heavier. If your bow needs gold, please inquire for price, as the value of gold fluctuates daily.

This is important for the proper balance of your bow. If the silver comes off, the balance point can move as much as a 1/2" and the tip will feel heavy. This can cause discomfort and possibly injury while playing.

For repairs & rehairs, please ship your bow to:
Linda West, 123 W. Padre St., Suite 3, Santa Barbara, CA 931015

See my article "How to Pack & Ship a Bow"

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