New Harmony Wolf Suppressor

Solid brass wolf suppressor. Kill your wolf without killing your cello's resonance. Use these solid brass suppressors to control the wolf tone. Usually applied to the C or G string between the bridge and tailpiece. Slide it to the spot that tunes the after string length to the same pitch as your wolf tone.

I normally will start on the G string. If he wolf is an E note I set the suppressor so there as about an 1" between the suppressor and the bridge. F-3/4" and F#-1/2". The idea is to tunes the bit of string between the suppressor and bridge to the same note as the wolf (much higher pitch of course)

Another way to help fine tune it; is to place it close to the bridge so that the open D string sound big and hollow. Slowly move the suppressor away in small increments bowing the open D each time. Stop when the D string firsts starts to sound normal again.

Need more help?? check out the video below or email me for guidance.

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