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Arcus French Bass Carbon Bow - BASS

Arcus French Bass Bows - French bass bows should ideally offer a similar agility to cello bows. With a weight around 112 grams, Arcus French bass bows are very close to this ideal. The lower mass also provides a more open and singing sound.

Their excellent resiliency allows them to play very powerfully, and with high intensity, making these bows suitable for both orchestral and solo playing.

The incredible strength of the stick allows them to survive bad accidents that most wooden bows would not. The shaft is also very hard so it will never scratch or lose its curve. Its life is basically unlimited, which is why they come with a 30 year warranty on the stick, as will all Arcus bows.

Comes in Round Stick only. 112 grams

About classifications:

Our basic class-3 bows will already outperform pretty much
every other composite bow. The class-4 bows are a match for
very high quality wood bows. The finest wood bows we have ever
experienced in competition with an Arcus bow could sometimes
equal a class-5, but rarely a class-6 bow. The 7- to 9-category
bows pull a sound sweeter and more powerful than anything else
ever put to a string.

The French Bass bow models are listed below:

S8 Gold / Snakewood Frog Gold/or Silver Pearl
S7 Sterling Silver / Snakewood Frog Sterling Silver Pearl
S6 Sterling Silver / Snakewood Frog Sterling Silver Pearl
S5 Sterling Silver / Snakewood Frog Sterling Silver Pearl
S4 Nickel Silver Stainless Steel None

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