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Arcus German Bass Carbon Bow - BASS

Arcus German Bass Bows - The latest generation of Arcus bass bows combine many years of experience with a completely new stick design. The sound is not singularly open and singing, rich in overtones with great strength and projection. Off-string bowings are easy to execute and control. At the same time, the bow sits deep in the strings and even under high load it never loses traction or direction. They are perfectly suitable for the orchestra as well as for soloists. The frogs are made from beautiful snakewood, and are of medium size and fit many hands. If you require a smaller or larger frog, please contact Linda.

Comes in Round Stick only. around 126 grams

About classifications:

Our basic class-3 bows will already outperform pretty much
every other composite bow. The class-4 bows are a match for
very high quality wood bows. The finest wood bows we have ever
experienced in competition with an Arcus bow could sometimes
equal a class-5, but rarely a class-6 bow. The 7- to 9-category
bows pull a sound sweeter and more powerful than anything else
ever put to a string.

The German Bass bow models are listed below:

S8 Gold 585 / Snakewood Frog Gold/or Silver Incredible
S7 Sterling Silver / Snakewood Frog Sterling Silver Ideal for Soloists
S6 Sterling Silver / Snakewood Frog Sterling Silver Free and singing
S4 Sterling Silver / Snakewood Frog Silver Full and rich
S3 Nickel Silver Stainless Steel Good and strong

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