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Melos Cello Rosin (Light or Dark)

Melos rosin is produced from pine tree resin harvested in the Chalkidiki region of northern Greece and hand made in Sykiotis. It contains no fillers or artificial chemicals of any kind. Only a small amount is needed to produce an excellent sound. Sold in an attractive, homey cloth pouch imprinted with the Melos Logo.

For cellists, we sell both the "light" and "dark" varieties. According to Melos, the 'light' variety is ideal for playing in high temperatures (aka during the spring and summer) and for playing "smoothly" or playing solos in a chamber music context. The 'dark' rosin is more commonly used in the winter and autumn, and is wonderful for full-tone playing, orchestral playing, or for solo concerts. However, how well a particular rosin works for an individual is often idiosyncratic.

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